Severe Bloating & Stomach Distension/ Colostomy

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Severe Bloating & Stomach Distension/ Colostomy

by DinaZ on Thu May 21, 2009 12:00 AM

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Just recently, my father has been experiencing severe bloating, to the extent that his stomach almost look like a balloon!  He has stage IV Colon cancer and we actually took him to the ER last week for fear that he might have a block in his colon (he has been off treatments for about a month and a half now since we are switching hospitals.)  They ran tests and x rays and the only thing they noticed was that he had stool backed up, but no tumors and nothing else.  So they administered a strong laxative in the ER and gave him some anti gas meds and his stomach returned back to normal.  Since last week it has been a constant battle with the bloating...and tonight we just cannot seem to get it down with Mylanta or even with Milk of Magnesia.

He does have a Colostomy Bag and I read that some people with Colostomy's do experience constipation and other issues at times.  He has been battling for over a year and has never once had a digestive problem.  Has anyone else experienced severe bloating?  If so, what works?  Anything?  Perhaps it is related to the Colostomy?  Please give me a tip so I can pass it to my Dad.  It is very ahrd for him to eat because he is so bloated!



RE: Severe Bloating & Stomach Distension/ Colostomy

by Cashmere on Fri May 22, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hi Dina, I have colon cancer and although my ostomy was reversed last year, I still get blockages at my stoma sight. If your father is experiencing a block, I know this may sound silly, but have him take a hot bath. The hot water relaxes the muscles and sometimes allows the block to pass. The other thing my husband does for me is manipulate the area around my stoma sight while I'm in the tub to move things along. And I'm sure you have heard all of the advice about what he eats, but it is true, I am unable to eat a lot of high fiber foods as they don't break down enough for me. Best of luck, Pearl
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