Hair loss & new growth while on chemo

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Hair loss & new growth while on chemo

by NJ123 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:00 AM

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I am not sure if this really means much or maybe I am just reading into it more than I should.  But wanted to ask the group if anyone has experienced new hair growth while still on chemo.

My husband has just gone through 11 chemo treatments since January 2009.  Nothing really has changed except for an extra week break between treatments to give his body a little break.  While on the chemo, he lost hair from his head, beard, chest, lower legs and feet, then he also started losing his eyebrows and eyelashes, then all of sudden his hair starts to grow back - and rapidly.  His head is dark now with all new hair growth, his chest hair is growing back in and now he is growing a beard as well.  He continues on the chemo - every other week with no change to dosage.  I asked his doctor last week if the hair growth was normal and she said that she had never seen that before.  Usually the patient will have re-growth of hair once they are off chemo for a few weeks.

Interesting?  So now I am concerned that the chemo might not be working, could it be possible that the human body gets adapted to the chemo and then it loses it's power to destroy cells?  His white blood count is up as well, which the doctor was happy about.  I am just afraid we won't continue to see the results we are hoping for.  July 20th is the next CT scan so we can tell then if all is on target or not.

Just wondering if anyone else had hair growth while undergoing chemo for 6 months or longer?



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