Signet ring carcinoma stomach and adenocarcinoma of appendix

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Signet ring carcinoma stomach and adenocarcinoma of appendix

by adbul50 on Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:00 AM

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My dad(
age 59) was operated (laproscope) for appendicities.
Appendix biopsy showed adenocarcinoma of appendix. CEA marker value was 1.22. ESR was 60. When doctors decided to go for hemi calonoctomy with chemotherapy, we decided to go for whole body PET scan. PET scan picked up metoblolic activity at his stomach. Went through endoscopy and biopsy and found signet ring carcinoma of stomach. Doctors said as metastasis already happend from stomach to appendix, its stage 4. Also PET scan show some activity in larger omentum , however doctors are not sure whether they are malignant or not.

Doctors have ruled out surgery. Few doctors advised for chemotheraphy , however they say chances are very less. Now he is under ayurvedic medication. After taking ayurvedic medication, he eats well and very active. he will be u scan in next 10 days to see the progress

My questions are

1.If metastasis already happened, from the day of detection what is the expectancy?

2. He is absolutely normal, he goes out for walk, shopping and leads normal life. One doctor said from the day of detection , in three months time he will bring him down? does it shows his ayurvedic medicines working? or worst will start after 3 months only. Now it is almost 2 months 20 days after the detection.

3. Is there a possibility that his appendix CA and stomach CA are two different things? because his large intestine and smaller intestine are clear.

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