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Please Help!

by Cami0303 on Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:00 AM

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My 21 year old nephew just got diagnosed with Melanoma T2b Stage 2a.  He had a 1.7mm ulcerated tumor removed from the ear.  Surgery was done to remove a large portion of his ear and reconstructive surgery.  2 Sentinal Lymph nodes removed (came back neg).  Dr. Said there is a high risk that it will come back because cause is sun damage and heriditary.

I need some input:  I am a nurse, but my nephew and his mother and father have shut me out because they believe the Dr. has "removed all the cancer".  (I know this is not the case)

The Oncologist that he is seeing has referred him to a dermatologist that he should see every 3 months and a local oncologist to start interferon treatment.  The problem is that no one will follow up and make the appointments with these 2 doctors (because again, they believe the cancer is gone and no further follow-up or treatment is necessary).  He is 2 months into this and he has not even had a full body check done by anyone!  It is important that he get at least this done!

I cannot MAKE them understand the importance of these appointments and anything I say at this point is percieved as "NURSEY" and being "NEGATIVE".

Any input would be really helpful! 

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