whipple surgery

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whipple surgery

by Joseph_Senior on Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:00 AM

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On 3/09/07 I had whipple surgery at Johns Hopkins.  Had a tumor on the head of my pancreas.  Didn't know going into surgery if it was cancerous or not.  Fortunately, it turned out to be benign.  Recovery was long & slow (months)  As others have indicated, I, too, have had the so called whipple pain.  Their descriptions of the pain are pretty much exactly like mine.  Upon inquiring with both my surgeon & gasteronology Doctors, they don't have an explanation as to what the pain is.  I have 2 questions for patients of whipple surgery.  (1)  Has anyone had elevated LIPASE counts.  Two months ago my count was 91.  Had it checked one month later and it continued to rise. It is now 146.  (2)  Has anyone found that there are particular foods or a combination of foods that bother you?  And what is your reaction?  I many get sick for a whole day or two but I can't quite figure out exactly what triggers it.  If anyone can shed any light on these two issues, I'd appreciate your comments.  Thank You, Joe 

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