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Food Is Medicine

by MiaNony on Thu Oct 29, 2009 09:21 PM

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All cancer cells dread iodine.

Safe doses of Lugol's iodine internally are proven to turn this thing around.

If 5% solution is available, one drop in a full glass of water.

All cancers are diseases of body tissue acidity. As mentioned in another post, all disease and in particular all cancer loves exactly the same  things that make a septic tank work perfectly.

Do you want cancer cells to commit cell suicide?

Here is how:

Natural unadulterated food IS medicine. Artificial food is like poison, only cancer thrives on it.

Cancer loves: SUGAR, lack of oxygen in the cells, and acidity from a diet high in processed foods. Cancer and all disease thrives in a sugar fed high fermentation environment

Conversely, ALL cancer HATES ALL of the following: 

1) Lack of sugar (do  not switch to toxic artificial sweeteners) IT IS THE SINGLE GREATEST FEEDER OF CANCER


2) Oxygen from lots of slow deep breathing, + from lots of phytonutrients, (a fancy word for tons of fine blended raw vegetables, no meat, no dairy) and oxygen from any degree of exercise, daily


3) Alkalinity: 80% body tissue alkalinity acquired from lots of blender (Vitamizer is excellent for this) raw vegetable drinks with lots of organic greens in them, and from a diet free of anything "white" that is processed, and balanced so that it is low in protein (no more than 20%) and high in alkaline foods (at least 80%), w/ far more raw organic vegetables than cooked ones, plus lots (30 times a mouthful) of chewing of food to release one's own cancer killer enzymes.


4) Iodine in orthoiodine supplementary therapeutic doses, proven to kill cancer cells


5) Enzymes, proven to cause cancer cell death: serrapeptase, bromelaiine, plus a multi enzyme complex.


6) Green Tea Capsules - mega dose, stamdardised, therapeutic, reputable brands, proven cancer cell killers

7) Vitamin D & C: mega daily doses, 2000 mg minimum D3 & C

8) Selenium & zinc: regular daily doses

Sure hope this gets to help someone besides me!

Best regards,

Mia Nony

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