Contrast Dye SetBack - Heads Up

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Contrast Dye SetBack - Heads Up

by JavaGirlX on Tue Nov 24, 2009 02:14 AM

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Just a heads up - my dad had a total gastrectomy in january. He had his second PT/CT two weeks ago with contrast dye to screen for cancer (he was cleared at 60 days, this was the next test).  He had been having major trouble eating and lots of vomiting, and was due to see the doctor anyhow for some help.  His dr visit was timed with the review of his scans.  The scans showed kidney blockage - his kidneys had been damaged by the post surgical radiation (given to zap some cancer splash), which we didn't know. His vomiting before the PT/CT had led to major dehydration.  After the PT/CT was administered, he really got ill over the next few days. By the time he got to the dr a few dyas later, he was in bad shape and admitted right away.  Tests in the hospital showed rapid kidney decline - which led to a number of tests, stints, nephrostomy (kidney bag) and a few shots of dialysis.  We were told numerous times had he been tested properly BEFORE getting the contrast dye, they would have caught the fact that he was dehydrated and would not have provided the test - this major fast collapse would have been avoided. His kidneys had been just hanging on, and the dye pushed them over the cliff in a bad way.  He is home after 12 days in the hospital, still in bad shape but had to get him out of there.  I have had many friends in nursing, as well as the doctors who worked on his kidneys these last two weeks  tell me they should have checked his levels before the dye test.  So...if you are feeling ill / dehydrated and have a dye test on deck PLEASE ask your dr about kidney function testing first. 

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