Brain cancer..sugar? supplements? diet?

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Brain cancer..sugar? supplements? diet?

by LuckyCC3 on Wed Nov 25, 2009 05:52 PM

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Hello everyone..

Im starting Temodar and Radiation next week and I want to modify my diet (a bit..)

Stevia?  Truvia?

Is there a better option?

Also, im looking into fermented wheatgerm extract, whey enhanced protein, flax seed OR Flax seed oil to mix in with things...suggestions?

Are there any good teas out there?  Organic maybe?  Im just trying to steer clear of caffeine, obviously. At the same time Im looking for flavor!! Like peach, rasberry....All Ive been drinking is water (and milk with breakfast...)  Also, noni juice?  Pom?

Also, Ive been doing oatmeal mixed with blueberries or rasberries...Ive heard Grits are better?  Any other breakfast cereal suggestions?  Hot or Cold...


Thanks in advance & have a good thanksgiving!


RE: Brain cancer..sugar? supplements? diet?

by thinkingofdad on Tue Dec 22, 2009 03:00 AM

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No replies yet! SHEESH!

Well, my father was first diagnosed on Sept. 28th, 2009 with Astrocytoma III, then at a mid-way MRI on the 1st of Dec. they upgraded it to GBM IV. He has finished his initial treatment, and has been seeing a nutritionist. The nutritionist suggest to use Flax seed oil, not the ground flax seed, but I do know that the ground flax seed is very good too. While on treatment you may want to use the oil, perhaps it is easier to digest!

I am SO sorry for this tumor of yours coming back. Many doctors, including Dr. Hensen in Seattle, suggests that even Astros grade II and III be treated with full-on force, like for GBM, which is what my father has.

Will your insurance cover nutritionist visits?

I would recommend the book: Anti Cancer, a new way of life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD an international best seller. You can read quite a bit of it here at this URL:

There is a lot in it about what foods to eat to fight cancer.

I wish you the best of luck fighting this crap - you are so young, and you do not deserve to suffer from this disease!

Tina - daughter of GBM patient

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