There is a treatment for HPV and VIN

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There is a treatment for HPV and VIN

by sofiaroma on Sun Dec 20, 2009 07:47 PM

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I have posted several messages during the past two years on this board. If you read the messages in the vulvar cancer under "hope is here" that is me,if you have cervical or vaginal cancer or precancer,you need to read my messages.

As you can see from my previous posts,my daughter was diagnosed with VIN III at the age of 19. She had to have a partial vulvectomy in February of 2008. In April of 09',the hpv came back in the form of VIN I and VIN II. This time the doctor wanted to do the laser ,four sessions due to the very extensive infection.

I decided to spare my daughter from such pain by trying an alternative,and as you can see from the previous messages,it worked. The oncologist was speechless when she did a biopsy in May. Not only all the spots on her vulva were gone,the biopsy came back clear. The doc was so shocked in surprise that she wanted the name of the product,I gave the the empty bottle and literature I printed out from the Bioresponse site.

During this seven  months from the treatment, my daughter had a complete regression of the VIN.Two wekks ago she went for an other visit and a biopsy found codiloma,which is not a malignant condition but it is the stage before it turns into VIN I. Therefor we will go back from mantainance on the Dim,to a higher dose. I just wanted everyone to know,either you have cervical,vaginal or vulvar precancer or cancer, that the Bioresponse works to get read of the bad cells. It is being used in studies at the National Cancer Institute.

We feel blessed to have found it,please write to me with any questions you may have. I will be glad to help.

Happy mom

RE: There is a treatment for HPV and VIN

by eileenj on Thu Jul 01, 2010 04:20 AM

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My name is Eileen J and I am new to Cancer Compass.

I had a total hysterectomy about 12 years ago. 5 years ago I went for a physical and the Dr wanted to do a pap smear.  I had not had one in 5 years (since my hysterectomy).  I did not know I needed to have paps after the surgery.  Well, it came back abnormal and was sent to a gynecologist who did another pap and it was also abnormal.  Thus...I started having a colposcopy every 6 months with the results showing pre cancer cells.  After the 3rd one..I went as an out-patient for laser surgery.  Was told I should be good for a year and to return for another pap.

During that year I was laid off from my job and lost my insurance.  I still and did then work at a part time job with no benefits.  So I started going to my county Health Department and they did another colposcopy (again pre-cancer cells).  6 months later ..another colposcopy but this time when I went for my test results I was referred to Moffitt Cancer and Research Hospital in Tampa, Fl. This was last week.  The gynecologist was not there (He only visits the Health Dept once a month) and is currently on vacation.  The Dr. that seen me said she found nothing in the report about cancer but would get the ball rolling with Moffitt.

Moffitt called me 3 days later and after many phone calls and interviews called me back and denied me admittance and financial help. Per the guidelines for financial assistance..I was denied because my cancer was not severe enough  (Mild Displasia).

My lab report states that all 4 biopsies suggest HPV effect.  3 of the biopsies show VIN Grade 1 (Mild Dysplasia/vain 1).  The 4th biopsy is not graded but shows mild to moderate dysplasia.  I have no answers..I do not know if this is cancer or still pre-cancer.  I have to wait until next Wed (07/07/2010) to see the gynecologist to get some answers. 

I am so scared and so confused.  Is this considered cancer and why is he referring me to Moffitt?? Has this 4th biopsy crossed over to be cancerous??  I spoke with the Cancer Society Hotline and they were very kind but could not answer my questions without seeing my files.  I feel like I'm a walking time bomb.

If any one has any answers or suggestions please comment to this discussion.  If treatment is necessary, I don't know where to turn for help without insurance.

Thank you for reading this long and repetitious message.

Eileen J 

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