Concern about oral/jaw cancer from root canal

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Concern about oral/jaw cancer from root canal

by saynono on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:52 PM

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I had a dentist botch a root canal on me and I discovered that he, along a minority number of other dentists in this country, are using a material that has FORMALDEHYDE, lead and mercury in it.  It is most commonly known as Sargenti Paste. It is permanently sealed within the tooth and according to ethical medical wisdom, the formaldehyde and other toxins are believed to leach out of the tooth over time into surrounding tissue, bone and nerves.  I am most worried that the formaldehyde got into my blood stream when my canals were "bleeding worse than normal" and causing systemic damage as well.  I wonder how many people in this country are dealing with a problem caused by a toxic root canal and have no idea.   Dentists don't tell their patients, even after they injure them.  They know it is a malpractice suit in the making.  The FDA rejected this material in 1993 and after 30 years proponents still have not gotten it approved, yet they get away with using it.  I can't believe that any person would want this material used inside their body...atleast while they are still living.  It is an unbelievable story that inflames me and keeps me fighting to wake up our dental industry...which is apparently lawless.   There is more information at this link,  including an NBC report on a woman who was horrifically harmed.  She has had tests showing precancerous cells.  I just can't believe it...

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