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Post Radiation Treatment

by Toimpatient on Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:00 AM

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Hello, my name is Gary and I was diagnosed with parathyroid cancer in 1998. I have undergone 3 parathroidectomy surgeries and one medialization laryngoscopy to correct a damaged vocal cord. I recently completed 6 weeks ( 30 rads) of radiation in NYC. Since the completion of my treatments I have been having all the terrible side effects ( burned neck, horrible sore throat, loss of taste and loss of my voice) since beginning treatment in Dec.05 I have lost roughly 25 lbs. as a result of not being able to eat. The Dr. advised me of the feeding tube option, but I refused. How long does it "really" take for this terrible sore throat to go away ? and the taste buds to return ? Also, if anyone else has experienced voice loss please let me know. If I knew what I was getting into prior to starting I would have had serious second thoughts......Starving In N.J......thanks to all and good luck.


by Gagirl on Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:00 AM

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Gary, Your message really struck a chord with me because you said you would have had second thoughts had you known how bad it was going to be. Amen to that! I think I would have traveled anywhere or done anything else if I had known how bad it was going to be. Drs do not adequately prepare you in my opinion. I finished treatment Nov. 8. (39 treatments of radiation to neck following neck dissection for thyroid cancer that spread to nodes) In Oct. I had Peg tube placed. I fought using it at first, but pretty soon I had no choice. It saved my life as now I am completely unable to swallow anything, even water. I have still lost 35 pounds though. I have a dr appt tomorrow as I am scared of the possibility of never swallowing again. Tube is aggravating but you get used to it, somewhat. Two weeks after it was over were worst for me. Pain does get better but it has not moved very quickly for me. I really hope things improve for you. God bless.

Post Radiotherapy

by Lucy29 on Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:00 AM

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I can understand about the swallowing, I was diagnosed with Nasophylageal Carcinoma after losing my hearing and having a lump in my neck for 2 years. I had 35 Treatments as well as Cistplatin. In October 2005 i was told that the tumor had gone. I refused to have a PEG fitted until my weight loss became to severe and it has become my lifeline, after the treatment ceased in September my eating was non existant so i relied on the PEG and 5 months on my eating has improved a little but i still use my PEG for overnight feeds, this keeps my weight stable. I had no saliva but its slowly coming back as well as my taste buds but my apetite just isnt there anymore so i have t tell myself to eat. Please rethink about having the PEG its not nice but you do get used to it. Please remember that things do get better its just such a slow process. God Bless, Lucy29

Using a Feeding Tube...recommended!

by Bridgeplayer on Wed Mar 08, 2006 12:00 AM

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Hi, Gary, I can relate to your discomfort and concern...My husband has just finished chemo and radiation for throat cancer, with the same side effects you mention. I wanted to urge you to reconsider the feeding tube option. My husband had it inserted when he first began treatment...and has gained 12 pounds. The nutrition is a big part of his recovery, too. It's a fairly painless procedure...and not at all hard to "feed yourself" through the tube. If you go this route, they'll ask if you'll get at least (maybe it was 60%..can't recall) of your nutrition that way. I told them my husband would get at least 90% and maybe more that way....and the nutrition was then covered by our medicate and insurance as a prescription. A good deal. He's been on the tube since October and probably will continue another 3 o4 4 months, until the pain is gone and taste buds begin to return. That feeding tube has been a life-saver for both of us, since I would have gone bananas worrying about him not getting any nutrition with out it. Kaye

Peg Tube

by Sam1008 on Sun Mar 19, 2006 12:00 AM

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Gary I had a peg tube for 9 months to get me thru Chemo and Radiation for Squamous cell on my tounue. Still lost 60 lbs. You must get it if you are to survive. The Radiiation takes up to a year to or more to heal. I have to wait to have a thyroid tumor removed til summer. It has been 1 year since I started and Things are getting better. Can swallow and have some saliva. Hang in there it does get better but really slow. Radiation burns are the worst heal. Nutrition and water are extremly important. You MUST eat even when you are not hungry. Make sure somone beside you monitor your food because you will lie to them about how much you eat. Larry In Iowa
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