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by ken_sanders_aia on Tue Mar 30, 2010 03:41 AM

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Does anyone have any experiences with Salicinium? It's a homeopathic therapy advocated by Dr. Forsythe of Reno, Nevada. He has several testimonials on his web site, but I've also seen a blog of a patient who tried the treatment and passed away a year later. A close friend has Stage 4 breast cancer and we are looking far and wide for treatment options. Any personal stories involving Salicinium - good or bad - would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Ken

RE: Salicinium

by Robert456 on Thu Apr 08, 2010 04:33 PM

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Salicinium is a complex sugar that contains Glyco-Benzaldehyde.. Please do your research. I my opinion Salicinium promotes cancer growth. Please have a back-up plan if you chose to go this route. Brown, Gerber and Forsythe will tell you symptoms will worsen before they get better. My mother wasted valuable time waiting for her symptoms to get better. Sadly she's now undergone surgery and radiation. Her condition continues to deteriorate while she lays paralyzed in a skilled nursing facility. Her brain tumor went from 1.4cm to 4.3cm during the 7 week course of Salicinium Drips and Oral pil form. Cancer feeds on sugar. Salicinium is SUGAR.

Another Salicinium patient my mother keeps in touch with is not doing well either. Her cancer experienced explosive growth during the course of her drips.

Please try and find testimonials outside of those controlled by Brown and Forsythe. They have claims of a 75% remission rate. Where are all of those people?

I honestly hope they are out there.

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by Thorlaug on Thu Dec 13, 2012 08:24 AM

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Yes I have!
I have been diagnosed 3 times w. cancer (2010 (Figo:I - surgery), 2011 (figo: Cervical IIIb - Cisplatin chemo, internal (48hrz)  and external (32x) radiotherapy ), 2012 (lymph system)). 

Late August 2012 my cancer was in 8 lymph nodes in my pelvis (17mm next to the aorta). Only 'treatable' with chemotherapy and doctor told me when I pressed him that he only presumed I could live 'some half years from now'. And on we went with chemotherapy again (Cisplatin and Tupotekan)

Hubby and I refused to accept this, looked for alternatives and I started on Salicinium (Orasal, React and xxx, 2tabl. 3x a day) in September 2012. Around 6-8 weeks into taking the drugs my cancer area started to feel weird and I got an influenza or infection like symptoms for a few days (which I had been told might happen). I got a scan after the first round of chemo in early November 2012 and the doctors were really surprised (their best hope had been status quo).

Instead of 8 cancerious lymph nodes the scan showed only ONE, and that one had gone down to almost 1/3 of its size. I am now continuing on Salicinium and completing the full 6 chemos (just in case it is a combination of the two treatments that's doing the trick).
I tried Salicinium because I heard an old schoolmate (in Iceland) that had gotten 'the death sentance' and doctors stopped all conventional treatment. Her treatment consisted of Salicinium with a rigid high-alkaline diet and today a year later cancer is not found anywhere in her body.
I can provide names & contacts if someone is interested in our cases for clinical studies, I am getting my Salicinium sent to Denmark where I live.

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