Mediport Problems

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Mediport Problems

by Mnaginsr on Wed Apr 21, 2010 05:04 PM

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First some good news - my third granddaughter was born on March 22nd, little Millicent Rosa, who was almost 8 lbs.   Her sisters were thrilled  and what a pleasure and blessing!

I had my mediport implanted back in late August and began Folfox chemotherapy in September.  I just completed six months of treatment in February. I started feeling uncomfortable a few weeks ago with some slight palpitations.  I didn't give it too much thought.  Last week was my 6 week follow-up with the oncologist to have my port flushed and some blood work done.  I experienced so much pain when the nurse accessed the port that I nearly fainted.

They scheduled me for a dye study at the hospital yesterday, and while running the diagnostic scans they discovered a problem.  The catheter that was part of the medi- port implant had cracked and traveled downstream to my right atrium.  To say I was in a state of shock upon hearing this news is an understatement.  

Instead of a dye study I had to undergo an emergency procedure to retrieve the cracked catheter, and have it removed.  This was handled in a process similar to a coronary catheterization.  A hook type device was inserted through the inserted catheter to snag and retrieve the debris, and work this back out. 

Has anyone experienced this or know of anyone who has had this happen to them?  I will need to schedule an appointment to have the port removed in a couple of weeks since this is now a non functioning port.  I had no idea that a complication like this could occur.  I don't think this is too common an occurrence.  Again, I was in total shock upon hearing all of this.


RE: Mediport Problems

by mustang1958 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:04 PM

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I had the SAME exact thing happen to me. I have been done with my treatments for a couple of months and went in for my monthly port flush. They sent me over to the hospital for a dye study when they were unable to get my port to flush. The x-ray showed that the catheter had fractured in half and was in my heart chamber. I was floored when they told me that.

I was sent to the hospital and had the emergency procedure to remove the catheter. It was about 4 inches long. I could not believe that this was in my heart. I am now scheduled to get the port removed. I just want this out of my body!

My oncologist told me that he has never had this happen to somebody prior to me. I also was experiencing slight palpitations but I was blaming it on getting used to the new medication that I had just started. SO SCARY and we were both so lucky that it turned out the way that it did for us.

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