Supplements for to fight cancer and increase NK cells

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Supplements for to fight cancer and increase NK cells

by aantoniades on Wed Apr 21, 2010 05:45 PM

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Hello, we have been told about the following supplements to help fight cancer.  Bromeliane, sulforaphane, Inosotil hexaphosphate (aka IP6), selenium, Beta 1,3 1,6 D glucane. These are all naturally occuring substances  that cannot be patented and are sold through repulative suppliers.  Has anyone had any success?  


A digestive enzyme that Inhibits the spread of cancer / Naturally occurring in pineapple 



Programmes cell death – encourages it to happen in cancer cells not healthy cells / found in sprouting broccoli (long stems) or large amounts of normal broccoli


Inosotil hexaphosphate (aka IP6)

Programmes cancer cell death – by turning a cancer cell back to a healthy cell / a ricebran extract / strong marked effect on cancer cells



Found in red grapes/wine


Beta 1,3 1,6 D glucane

Promotes Natural Killer cells (which help fight cancer) /

Found in Maitake mushrooms



Excellent for immunity  

RE: Supplements for to fight cancer and increase NK cells

by beatingcancer on Wed Apr 21, 2010 06:18 PM

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That's good you are looking into alternatives and ways to build up the immune system, you're on the right track. You may want to find a good nutritionist that knows about alternatives and cancer. There is a lot out there that does work. I encourage you to research methods of detoxing the body, juicing vegetables, cleaning up the diet, macrobiotic diet, no sugar. There is Kangen water, it is ionic, alkaline, microclustered drinking water. All of these will alkalinize his body. The supplement called MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution) has helped many with cancer and other ailments. Our nutritionist has seen her cancer patients pull into remission using this and diet, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. We do many different types of natural therapies and supplements. If one treatment weakens the cancer, perhaps the next one or two will kill it! Keep trying. is excellent to learn about alternatives. I am a christian and will pray for you both.

In Christ, Lynn

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