Does anyone know of any good liver cancer drink?

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Does anyone know of any good liver cancer drink?

by johnguilbert on Wed May 05, 2010 06:40 PM

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Read my profile for my father's background.

I'm buying my father a juicer and wanted to know the best juice drink I can use to help liver cancer in any way.

My tip is look at ESSIAC (Sheep Sorrel) in Health Shop - my dad refuses to take it now due to taste,  but I am convinced it really helped him. Doctor in Hong Kong said they use it for oesophagus cancer treatment.




RE: Does anyone know of any good liver cancer drink?

by AmberBailey on Wed May 05, 2010 07:15 PM

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Hi there I am Amber, My mom also has liver cancer. I was told from a health specialist a few really good drinks for the liver and to help the liver heal. #1 No matter what you make always add flex seed oil just a tsp. It is very healthy for the liver, or you can even by the capsules and take 3 a day. Another is any kind of fresh fruit but try to stay away from bananas just because of potassium, Most cancer patients have problems with potassium going to high or to low. But even her cancer Dr. said that any fresh fruit is extremly good for tumors in the liver or elsewhere. Remember the flex seed oil -k- very important. Hope I was some help to you.
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