Endocervical fluid, thickened cervix, follicular ovarian cysts

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Endocervical fluid, thickened cervix, follicular ovarian cysts

by KeepingHope on Tue May 18, 2010 02:04 AM

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I was sent here by another forum that I participate in, to help me figure out what might be wrong.  I honestly don't think it is cancer related, but I wouldn't mind something to ease my mind.

I'm 23, and I've been battling doctors for the past year.  I have had multiple transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasounds, and a CT scan, over the course of that time.  Finally, about a week and a half ago, I was able to get an ultrasound tech that was really good at her job/getting the images needed, and taking the time to do so.  It was noted that I have several follicular cysts (I do have a history of cysts, and am on BC for prevention), a thickened cervix (I'm unsure of how thick, as it wasn't noted, and it may have been ovulation time [if the cervix still thickens regardless of BC and no egg released]), and endocervical fluid.  Unfortunately, my general practitioner is the one handling all of this, and while I have an idea of what follicular cysts are, I can't find anything on endocervical fluid and/or a thickened cervix.  He will be asking a GYN what should be done (she only comes on Mondays, so he either asked her today, or will next week, and then contact me).  It was also suggested by the radiologist on the Dx that I receive further testing on the endocervical fluid.  Someone in the other forum that I mentioned suggested that both E/F and the thickened cervix could both be genetic/hereditary, but I don't speak to enough women in my family to ask.

As stated, this all has been going on for a year, but only recently (as in the past week and a half) been diagnosed, as no one could find anything abnormal.  CT scan came back unremarkable, and no free-fluid in the reproductive organs.  Papsmears also come back normal, each year (I just had one done about 2 weeks ago, or so), no HPV/abnormal cells, and I have never tested positive for any type of STD, nor have I ever been pregnant.

Thank you to anyone that answers.  (I'm going to post this in Cervical Cancer, too, which I hope doesn't violate TOS)

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