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Leep Procedure Aftercare/ Recovery

by IRIS191082 on Wed May 19, 2010 10:55 PM

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I just had done a "leep"...the procedure itself was painless and not very uncomfortable, the 1st week i was very carefull on following step by step the aftercare instructions but regardless of everything, this week (my 2nd) i started having some watery discharge followed by kind of ashes or scabs some kind of black peeling coming out, also with a weird burned smell ...disgusting i know!

I really dont know if its normal , i asked around and i was told is normal, the problem now is that now im bleeding and today is my 10th day after my leep, the bleeding is like a period, i have mild cramping and vowel movement like when im on my period the only thing is i usually have my period around the end or beggining of each month...someone please help! Im terrified of calling my dr. I have a feeling i will have to go and get cauterized again , and that my recovery will take longer than i was told (3 to 4 weeks) i have no clue how i got the "hpv" i been only with 2 partners (my ex husband & now my fiancee)  totally monogamous relationships . I havent ask my dr everything i really want to know about this subject because i really dont feel comfortable looking at anybody in the eye and talk  about this...but i really need some answers...i have browsed the web doing research but i find different answers and i really dont know what to believe anymore...

Am i ever going to be cured from this hpv?

What im going through right now is normal?

Can i infect other people & would they infect more woman if they were to start a new relationship?

Is it true that condoms dont really protect from the hvp? If so , what can i do to protect my couple in case is not too late? How can i know if my fiancee is been infected?


I appreciate your help on this, im really getting very depressed with the whole situation...my family looks at me like i was inmoral or was a promiscuos woman...so so sad to be judged like this knowing i been very conservative about my sexuality...


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