Discrepancy by same radiologist

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Discrepancy by same radiologist

by sheppie on Wed Jun 09, 2010 01:33 AM

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I have posted this on the John Hopkins forum as well.

A few months back I was diagnosed with a 'likely 7mm branch duct IPMN'...on a CT scan for bloating. So a follow up 6 months from that scan (an MRI) says it is a '1.5cm fatty lesion'. Same radiologist. Gastro doc tells me to move on that I am basically good to go.

On seeing pancreatic specialist today he tells me discrepancy is concerning and has now ordered me to have a EUS with fine needle aspirate. That he can only give me an 80% accuracy rate with this test. Has anyone else out there had these kinds of opposite readings? If so...what to make of it.

I thank you

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