If a tumor is dead doesnt it get resorbed?

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If a tumor is dead doesnt it get resorbed?

by SUEJEP on Sun Jun 13, 2010 05:52 PM

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Hi Folks, Ive asked this question " if a tumor is dead, does not the body resorb it?

Ive asked this of many of my Drs, and get told that my resected ogliodendroglioma that still shows up on my MRI is "just scar tissue".

Just the other day I asked a radiation oncologist who has nothing at all to do with me the same question and lo and behold, he told me "yes they get resorbed, and radiographically, it would appear as a big blank hole, ie, its just filled with cerebrospinal fluid".

So now I dont know What to do??!! Do I bring this up to my Drs and risk pissing them off?  Like, are they lying to me to keep from maybe worrying me? and I do in fact still have an active tumor?  Or in fact they really dont know?

Am I still walking around with a time bomb?

Have any of you had your tumor just shrink and go away on your MRI's???

This is scaring the heck out of me, Please someone talk to me, this whole odyssey with temodar treatment has been going on for 3 years now and Im now feeling like Im no further ahead.



RE: If a tumor is dead doesnt it get resorbed?

by I_love_Gary on Sun Jun 13, 2010 07:41 PM

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Hi, I'm thinking that maybe there is some confusion about how you asked the question.  They are both right, there is scar tissue to see where the old tumour site is, and the old blood and dead brain cells left do get absorbed, but also, the void left at the spot does fill with fluid, so it shows up plain black on the MRI.  Have you seen your pictures?  You can still detect some difference at the outer edges, sometimes even some enhancement, especially at first, because dead tissue shows up similar to tumour tissue.  Thats why the first couple of MRI's after surgery and radiation are not easy to read.  Too much scar and necrosis.  But the center will be solid dark in colour like the ventricles.  Does that help?  I think both the docs were answering your question correctly, but hearing the question a little differently.

Hoping for your fear to subside.         DL

RE: If a tumor is dead doesnt it get resorbed?

by heart_and_soul on Sun Jun 13, 2010 09:54 PM

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Here's what I have learned, and I think it has been corroborated by various sources including www.abta.org :

It's not as easy for brains to shed scar tissue or necrotic tissue because there is no lymph drainage up there... the wonderful lymph circulatory system that carries waste away from all the other cells and areas in your body. So "re-absorption" is very very slow. 

On another topic :o) Don't worry about annoying your doctors. These days we are all so darn smart due to the internet and shared wisdom and information. We found the good doctors are FINE with smart-ass curious patients and family members. 

Good luck, and peace ~

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