Stubborn Mother in Law with extensive SMLC

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Stubborn Mother in Law with extensive SMLC

by sbharkness83 on Sun Sep 19, 2010 03:30 AM

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My Mother in Law (for lack of a better label -  she is my boyfriend's Mom), who is only 53, was diagnosed with extensive small cell lung cancer in April. She started feeling sick at the end of February, but the Doctors told her that she had pneumonia. The kept her on anti-biotics for almost a month (she has Keiser Permanente, who I am leery about). Finally in the middle of March the Doctors decided to run tests and by April 15th we had a Diagnosis of extensive SCLC. 

They immediately started her on some combination of 2 different Chemotherapy drugs. I don't which they are, my boyfriend does not really understand anything medical. She is getting 6 cycles of Chemo. 

Her mid treatment CAT scan showed that her tumors were shrinking. This was great news, but 2 days later she ended up in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs. This caused her to miss some of the doses of her 4th round of Chemo. The Doctors were going to restart the 4th round the next week, but her white blood cell count was too low. She never received a full 4th round of Chemo. After her 5th round , things were going well again, but then she needed a blood transfusion upon the completion of her 6th round of Chemo.

The Doctors wanted to count the incomplete 4th round of Chemo as a full treatment, but my MIL is insisting on recieving what is technically her 7th round of Chemo. The Doctors did not want to give it to her because her body is currently having a hard time with the Chemo. 

My MIL was supposed to receive her 7th round of Chemo last Monday, but again her White blood cell count was too low. She is supposed to recieve the 7th round this next Monday, but I am expecting her white blood cell count to still be too low. There is talk about a second blood transfusion should her blood cell count be too low again. 

I have noticed that in the past 1-2 weeks she has been sleeping a lot, both throwing up and coughing up a lot of blood, dropping weight, and has been much more out of breath. She is an extremely stubborn lady and I am afraid that she is not telling us everything.  We just moved in with her to help her out and I hoping that this is just the Chemo's side effects and not the cancer spreading. Does anyone out there have a similar experience?

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