Blood test - IgG monoclonal band results

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Blood test - IgG monoclonal band results

by coldfish on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:57 AM

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Hi all, I'm new to this site and haven't had a good look around yet so I hope I'm posting in the correct forum and not repeating a question that has been answered many times before :)

I feel completely healthy, but I had full blood works done for a diet study run by a university, and as a result they found a few unusual results.

The protein studies of the report says:

IgG level: 12.1 g/L (normal range 7.0-14.0)

"There is a light monoclonal band (or paraprotein) in the gamma fraction. This band is idenified by immunofixation as an IgG kappa paraprotein"

I've had the same test twice, Dec 2008 and July 2009, and both have noted the monoclonal band. IgG levels in 2008 were 9.7g/L, and 2009 they were 12.1g/L. I'm wondering if I need to have another test in 2010? My doctor hasn't said anything or been concerned.

After the first blood test I had a 24 hr urine collect to see if there were proteins in it, which there weren't, the urine test came back fine.

My IgG levels are within normal range, so is the monoclonal band much to worry about? I've heard it can be a precursor to multiple meloma, but at present I feel healthy and don't seem to have any symptoms to worry about.

Will the monoclonal band disappear, like can you have it one month and then the next month be totally 'normal' again? Or is there anything I can do to improve the band or IgG levels by lifestyle or medication etc?

Any information would be appreciated, thanks


RE: Blood test - IgG monoclonal band results

by morral on Wed Dec 22, 2010 01:41 PM

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HI i;m new to this site also;my blood test also show kappa light chain;with blood test every 6 weeks;they just did a 24hr urine i don;t know the results yet;I get tired easely and have had to have several blood transfusions and see the DR every 6 months;yes i;m concerned;i don;t understand all this;could someone enlighten me on this.I;m going to get the results of my bllod test and urine test. What should i look for?

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