The long awaited EUS was done today.

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The long awaited EUS was done today.

by sheppie on Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:32 PM

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So I am on the urgent list here in Canada and saw the Gastro dr in June.  It was done this am.  But biopsy.  That is what I was scheduled for.  It was too late to enquire as I was out of it and he was onto the next patient.  I just remember the nurse saying "oh you didn't get a biopsy today".  HUH????  So the CT scan 1st picks up a IPMN with great certainty and the size 7mm.  Then a MRI done 6 months later picks up a fatty lesion that is 1.5 cms.  Now the EUS picks up a 4mm lesion on the pancreas that the dr says "is unlikely to be cancer, but that we must monitor closely".

I am sooooooooooooooo confused.  Does this mean that he is absolutely sure that it is not cancer but cannpt put into writing for libel suits etc........?  My appt with him in mid Dec and I will never get in before hand.  So I sit and stew...again.

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