crowns vs. dentures

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crowns vs. dentures

by janenken on Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:15 AM

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Once again I turn to my expert team of warriors out there for some input. My husband SCC base of tongue history. His teeth need work..radiation did a number on them. The decision now is between putting crowns on teeth or getting dentures with implants. His jawbone is in good shape..RO wants him to do 6-8wks hyperbaric treatment before either dental procedure. We so appreciate any feedback...thank you all . Blessings each and every day.    Jane

RE: crowns vs. dentures

by doghouse4 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:35 AM

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Hi Jane,

From a dental assistant's point of view, I would rather see your husband opt for the implants and dentures given his good bone level.  I have seen first hand what radiation can do to destroy teeth and would be skeptical of placing crowns on these teeth that might be lost down the road.  Although I'm a preventative person and would like to see everyone keep their teeth, the implants would be the best bet for your hubby. 

My two cents worth from a dental aspect - hope this helps!


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