post nasal drip or tumor activity???

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post nasal drip or tumor activity???

by eastwest on Thu Nov 04, 2010 03:24 PM

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My husband Phil has stage 4 EC. Mets to lymph and lungs.  He had a stent placed due to fistula to airway. He had had 2 cycles of 3 chemo drugs. Then had 25 radiation treatments along with continuous 5FU. He coughs,though not congestedly. Says that post nasal drip is triggering it. I noticed it increased in afternoons after the radiation.(Radiation has been done a couple of weeks now. He goes back for cat scan next Thur) Both of his oncologists say the coughing is being triggered by what is happening to the tumor. Has anyone else had this? He is usually fine when he lays down to sleep but last night it woke him up a few times. Irene

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