Unable to get cervical sample

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Unable to get cervical sample

by BJ1111 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 02:44 AM

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For the past eight to ten years my OB-GYN has done my routine PAP tests. All my pathology reports state that no cervical cells were obtained.  When I questioned my doctor about the sample's lack of cervical cells, he told me that after menopause this is not unusual, as the cervix closes. In order to get cervical cells, he told me I would have to have a D&C and open the cervix. I am afraid that without cervical cells I may be in danger of cervical cancer that won't be detected. I have no history of cervical cancer but I did have a cervical polyp removed years ago. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. What should I do from here on? Has anyone else had this situation. Thanks. BJ 

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