Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

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Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by syed123 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:49 PM

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Hi Folks,

This weekend I discovered two lumps on the either side of the adams apple (just slightly on the side and above adams apple). Yesterday, I went to see my doctor and he has referred me to a radiologist and I will be going there today. But I am a bit concerned as to what this lump is all.

I live in Canada and doctors don't refer patients easily to Radiologist. Do you know what would a radiologist exam will tell?

Also my doctor is saying that the next step after Radiology is to do bioposy. Poking needle in the neck, makes me shivers. Can someone please share his/her experience of bioposy and how it is done for lumps near adam's apple.

Could you also share your experience with me. What happend to your lump and what caused it to go away. Is this something serious. Have you done biopsy etc, my doctor is telling me biopsy is next. Do you know how bioposy for throat lump is done.

I am hoping I can learn from your experience. At this point I am really worried. Will greatly appreciate your response.


RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by CWeir on Wed Feb 09, 2011 01:21 PM

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Isn't your thyroid right there?I had a 2.8 cm on my thyroid and than had biopsy on it. It turned out to be cancer. Biopsy was not to bad. Had it done in Newmarket,Ontario,Canada. First needle to freeze then 4 needles to take samples. They are very fine needles. You can feel abit but it really was not to bad. Biopsy took about 20 minutes.

RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by syed123 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 05:36 PM

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Thanks for the response CWeir.

My lump is also of the same size i.e b/w 2cm and 4cm. But one side of lump is bigger than the other side. These lumps are just on the neck on either side of the adam's apple. I was reading on it and it says these are nymph nodes. I am not too sure about it.

CWeir, have you gone to Radiologist first and then went to biopsy. Did your Radiology result also confirmed of the cancer or you only get confirmation after biopsy.

I was reading a lot about this stuff and some suggests that this could be muscle that has swollen and I do remember going to gym that day and did one exercise which puts a bit of strain on shoulder.

CWeir, can you share your experience, that are you still going through treatment and what happened or what treatments you went through after your cancer was discovered.


RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by CWeir on Wed Feb 09, 2011 08:08 PM

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My lump was in my thyroid. I was referred first to a thyroid doctor than sent for an ultra sound than a biopsy that is when they said it was cancer. Thyroid cancer is different from other cancers.  After they said it was cancer than had to go see sergeon about taking out whole thyroid.  When he got in there he also. took out my lymp nodes cause the cancer had spread, The treatment for thyroid cancer is Radioactive Iodine Treatment.  This kind of treatment only attacks the thyroid tissue killing it. There are very little side affects. Had the treatment done in sunnybrook and stay in isolation in hospital for 3 days than i could not go near anyone for 4 more days after that. All that was done at the end of 2009. So far so good.

RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by Diamond_David on Thu Feb 10, 2011 05:12 PM

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I have no knowledge of thyoroid cancer, I had tonsil cancer, and treatment similiar to the movie star Micahel Douglas, if you follwoed that. if as the previous guy said, they do just thyroid treatment, doesn't sound so bad. The biopsy isn't bad, they numb your area, shouldn't hurt a lot.


if your treatment is going to be similiar to what I had, please contact me, I'll give you some pointers on handling the treatment you might have. I had tonsil cancer and my tonsils were removed along with one lympg node on my neck.

My treatment was this:

1. radiation to my jaw and neck, down to about 2" above my shoulders. Radiation was daily for 7 weeks, 5 days a week.

2. Chemo every Monday for 6 hours for 7 weeks as well.


Chemo didn't bother me it was radiation. ruins your tongue, roof of mouth (terrible sores) so bad you can't eat. Neck was real red. I had to have a peig tube installed into my chest/stmouch and was fed liquids thru it for 5 months.

If they will give radiation to your neck and lower head, they'll make a mask (kind of like Freddie Kruger) and use that to keep you stationary during radiation.

if you get this treatment, contact me. If not, the road will be easier.

I got tonsil cancer in Oct 2007, started treatment Jan 2008, finished feb 28, 2008, used feeding tube until May 2008 and started eating then. took 4 more months to start feeling OK as a human. I'm fine now, after the 1st year just a bad memory. My side effect is radiation to the neck ruins your saliva glands, so I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere.

Good Luck

David G

Atlanta, GA

RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by Jenn831 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 09:02 PM

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My father underwent this same treatment as he had the same cancer as Michael Douglas, Neck Cancer.  His Cancer started at the base of his tongue and he developed tumors in his neck, on both sides, one side larger than the other.  The radiation was the same amount of time and chemo, 1 time a week for 7 weeks.  he could not complete the radiation treatment as he developed severe burns on his neck that had to be treated and postponed the radiation to the point that my father just decided he was done.  He was diagnosed with the cancer the last week in March 2010 and died in October 2010.  I am so happy to see that you have survived. 

To anyone of you that read this that have cancer, please tell your family members everything you want during your treatment as you may not be able to speak or your memory may be compromised.  Tell them if you want music, tv, your favorite blanket, when your bills need to be paid, all of your stuff.  My father had a time there that he couldn't communicate and it was so frustrated with us that we didn't know what to do, and if you follow anything I have written on these boards, I was asking advice.  I didn't know what to do for him.  Eventually his voice returned and he could vocalize things. 

Also, even if your curable, have your affairs in order.  Have all life insurance policies listed, Wills, DNR's, Power of Attorney, etc.  This just makes everyones life much easier, again, when you aren't able to vocalize things. 

Good luck with your biopsy. 

Jennifer S.

RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by syed123 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 03:30 PM

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My Ultrasound results came back and the readiologist cleared me of any cyst. Although it mentions that the lymph node has grown a bit 2.4cm and 2.2 cm. Radiology. What I am told that this could be due to some infection, although it not clear. I asked the doctor of medication such muscle relaxant or ibuprofen (as I have read on several blogs) and he told me not to play with it and just leave this at its own. In 2 weeks he will re-examine it. The doctor told me that in two weeks this lymp node should return to normal and if not then he will take further action.

RE: Two lumps under my chin just above adam's apple

by waltwashburn on Fri Feb 11, 2011 04:19 PM

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To all, recent research has attributed many Head and Kneck Cancers to the HPV, Human Papillomavirus.  Typically the virus is tranfered during oral sex with your partner.  Get tested and get educated.


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