radiation therapy for GCT of the ovaries

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radiation therapy for GCT of the ovaries

by candlemaker on Sat Apr 02, 2011 01:34 AM

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Hi,  I know I asked this question before, but I need to know if this therapy worked for anyone and how big can the tumors be to have a good result.  I have read that the tumors can be only 1cm.  My tumors are bigger than that.  Mine are like 4cm by 6cm and 6cm by 8cm some smaller  My last ct scan some increased and some decreased in size.  Pretty big huh.  I'm currently on avastin and taxal.  one time a week for 3 weeks then off for 1 week, then start over again as maintenance.  I'm currently on a good diet no white bread no white potatoes no pasta, mostly green vegs and chicken and fish.  I use beta glucan and Co Q10 and flaxseed 3-6-9 with either cottage cheese or organic yoghurt.  (Budwig Protocol).   Ann

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