Help with Enlarged Spleen

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Help with Enlarged Spleen

by KM4305 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 01:01 AM

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2 years ago I had my gull bladder removed and the immaging test they preformmed showed that I had a enlarged spleen..12 at the time. 6 months later had another immage and it was 13ish, then 1 year later and it was 14ish.. then bone marrow and lots of blood work..all back negative .Today I had another ct done and they said if it has grown again that they would recomend it out..? We are confused because all the other test are neg...for 2 years now ..just a slow growing spleen..They say they cannot biopsy the spleen due to the dangers..and if it has grown it prob is lymohoma and it is contained in the spleen?..But they can not be sure until its out and tested? That it might not be lymphoma at all just a enlarging spleen with out diaganosis...ANY ONE HAVE THIS ISSUE?? Perplexed wether to have the surgery if it has grown...

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