Budwig Center in Spain

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Budwig Center in Spain

by andy73 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 02:30 PM

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This was taken from Bill Henderson's newsletter this month. New Cancer center in Spain 

"In my Cancer-Free book I wrote about the Mariposas Clinic, a cancer treatment clinic in Malaga, Spain in Chapter 6. That clinic is gone. The owners split up a couple of years ago. I want you to become aware, however, of a great replacement for it that one of the owners of Mariposas has set up.

It is called The Budwig Center and it, too, is located in Malaga on the famous Costa del Sol. The owner, Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in 2000. He was impressed with her approach and her success in healing thousands of cancer patients in her 50 years of active healing. She gave him written permission to pursue her regimen in his clinic. When Mariposas shut down, Dr. Jenkins named his new clinic The Budwig Center in honor of Dr. Budwig who passed away in 2003 at 95.

You'll find lots of interesting information at Dr. Jenkins' website. When he and I talked on the phone earlier this week, he remarked to me in an e-mail he sent later that "we're on the same page."

At the website, you can download a free 90-page e-book that describes all the treatments the clinic does as well as the complete Budwig diet and a group of recipes. The website is:www.BudwigCenter.com.

I have asked Dr. Jenkins to write an article for me that I will include in a later newsletter. I particularly want him to describe the results they've had with the "Distance Care Program" his clinic offers. This is for people who cannot come to the clinic for some reason. There are four different levels of this program. They are explained at the website above at the "Programs and Fees" page.

Their "resident" program requires about a 20 day stay. Apparently, you stay in a facility near the clinic. As you can tell, I am impressed with this clinic and its program. They have people come from all over the world. If you are in Europe or are free to travel from anywhere, this is an option you should explore."

RE: Budwig Center in Spain

by forcmm on Fri Mar 14, 2014 01:40 PM

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my husband and I were at this clininc in 2011.  As far as I can tell, Dr Jenkins throws whatever latest and greatest "cure" he hears about against the wall and hopes something sticks.  in 20 dys..there was not enough of anything to make a difference.  we began his protocol before we visited, and continued after we got home.  Of the 14 or so patients we met, 1 is still living.  several died within 2 weeks of leaving the clinic.  I stayed in touch with most until they passed.  A couple of ladies lasted longer, but because they went to other clinics and one is doing well today because she went to germany for Hyperthermia several times.... From my conversations with him, he got appoval from Johanna Budwig's son, not Johanna herself....so that was interesting to hear in your article....  I wish we had gone to Gerson clinic first to heal my husband's immune system, and then Germany.  He died shortly after you wrote this article, 2 months after we got home.

RE: Budwig Center in Spain

by nerveDMG on Fri Mar 14, 2014 04:30 PM

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thank you for sharing the experience. i'm sorry for your loss.

RE: Budwig Center in Spain

by mada30 on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:35 AM

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Dear forcmm


My uncle has metastatic prostate cancer grade IV, reached

his bones and the liver. By now he had radiotherapy, chemo and he is on radiotherapy again.

 We are desperate to find a clinic to send him to. We read about dr. Budwig diet and the rate of success in healing cancer patients, we then found the budwigcentre website, we were must certain that this will be the solution to our problem. We thought that the clinic was owned by dr. Budwig herself.

If you do not mind would you please give me some more details of how advanced was your husband condition when you got at the centre. Was the VEGA test machine as accurate as they describe it on the website? We had great hopes in this centre.

Thank you.

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