Fluorouracil poisoning

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Fluorouracil poisoning

by HGLtraveling on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:49 AM

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Have finally been tested with 5FU sensativity test [after the fact] to learn that I am genetically incapable of metabolizing the extremely toxic drug Fluorouracil which was prescribed for me by my dermatologist and which i used for 6 weeks before learning that it causes [and caused in me] permanent and irreversible CNS damage, excruciating bone pains, myosuppression [makes you bone marrow devoid of white blood cells] GI erosion, severe nausea, headaches, seizures, memory losses, insomnia, etc. 

The pharm. co that manufactures this horrifying chemotherapy drug, [also used intravenously for colon, breast, pancreatic and other cancers] lied to my primary care doctor re: the side effects and the appropriate test necessary to pre-determine what is know in the world of toxicology as 5-FU sensativity, so it seems as if I have been saddled with this pain and agony for the rest of my life.

It took several months before I realized that the cream was causing my flu-like symptoms and could even get the proper tests to determine my genetic inability to tolerate the drug [obviously this should have been done prior to prescribing it] , only to learn that there is an antidote [Uridine Triphosphate] but the co. that makes the antidote, refuses to part with it unless the patient is within a 96 hour window of last being poisoned by it. [They claim it is some FDA mandated protocol].

THe 5-FU sensativity test takes 9 days for the results, thereby making it impossible for anyone who belatedly discovers their doctors negligence in failing to give them the test prior to prescribing the drug [ also used in treatment of colon, breast, pancreative and other cancers]counting on the victims being so sicked by this drug, that they won't have the energy or wherewithall to sue.

I went to the ER because of severe stomach and abdominal pains only to  be discharged with an RX for Vicoden and Mallox even though I told the DR that I suspected poinsoning  by this drug. It seems that ER Doctors are woefully ignorant about the devestating effects of this drug, even as a topical cream, and do not have the information or skill to treat people who have been poisoned by it.

My insurance co is now belatedly sending me to UCSF Toxicology docs, but it seems it is too late.

If there are any other victims of this drug and medical negligence out there, please respond to this email. The drug is also sold as Effudex and several other brand names and makes you feel as if you have the worst, never ending flu on the planet.

It was prescribed for me for skin keratoses which could have easily been removed surgially, but my doctor ostensibly wanted to avoid scarring and prescribed this cream without telling me of the potential hazards or carefully monitoring me, as I now learned is necessary.

If there are any other victims of this drug out there, please contact me thru this message board or by emailing me at HGLtraveling@gmail.com. I have been an advocate for people with disabilitis since 1974 and want to end this travesty once and for all with a really nasty suit against the pharmaceutical co, the ER Docs and the dermatologist[s] wo negligently prescribe this cream, which most trusting and unsuspecting patients would never dream coud cause them to lose their lives [it aslo is fatal in many cases]. And the real and accurate hazards of this drug are not provided in the package insert, either. The FDA does not apparently require 5-FU test before prescribing the drug, but obviously should and should require the pharm, co to clearly post the dangers in large print on the tube of cream.

DOn't be a victim twice. Please help me fight back so others wont lose their lives over this kind of greed, ignorance and neglignece.

A toxicology doctor who works at Poison Contraol in NY, wrote articles about the negligence of ER Docs, who are ignorant about the effects of this drug and do not know how to treat it. Her name is Dr. Mary Ann Howland, you can google the article she wrote as well as many other scientific articles about the severe toxicity of this drug.

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