Radiation Proctitis (Vaginal Cancer)

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Radiation Proctitis (Vaginal Cancer)

by shoppinggirl14 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 01:44 AM

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I'm 2 years in remission after being diagnosed, and treated for Vaginal Cancer.  I was wondering if anyone has experienced Radiation Proctitis as a side effect?  I have had 2 occasions with blood in my stool.  I'm tested on a regular basis, and just recently had a colonoscopy with no cancer or polyps.  However, they did see radiation proctitis and have given me a script in case it occured again.  It occured again tonight and I'm just wondering how common this is?  My next check up is first week of Dec.  I have no pain or discomfort, just the blood in the stool. Thanks for any advice.



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