Nighttime Sleeping With Ostomy Bag

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Nighttime Sleeping With Ostomy Bag

by KRose on Sat Nov 26, 2011 03:16 AM

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Hi. I am new to this. Had surgery on 10/14 and recovering nicely, but have questions about night time sleeping. I have the 2 piece Ostomy wafer/bag by day and I hook up a night time bag to the smaller one at night. I am still sleeping in my recliner because of the incision. Very comfy, but I can't wait to get horizontal on my right side which is where I am the most comfortable. 1- Has anyone done this yet? I am thinking when i lay on my right side (bag is on the left) I can rotate the bag attached to the wafer so gravity can do it's thing. It should drain into the night bag. 2- Also, looking for a night bag stand. Can't find one anywhere. I saw it on a British website. Someone in the US must sell them. Anyone know who sells them? Thanks
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