TBL-12 - 100% Natural Alternative/Complementary Cancer Treatment.

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TBL-12 - 100% Natural Alternative/Complementary Cancer Treatment.

by DrewS on Tue Dec 13, 2011 06:37 AM

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TBL-12 is used as an alternative or complementary cancer treatment due to its healing qualities. The product contains 100% natural ingredients that have no known side effects, interactions with medications or toxins. TBL-12 contains powerful anti-inflammatory, marine invertebrate. TBL-12 is a powerful, clinically tested immune modulator. Whether it's weakened or overactive, using TBL-12 allows the immune system to function properly. A proprietary processing procedure gives TBL-12 its unique healing qualities.

TBL-12 is currently involved in two clinical trials assessing the value in using the product to treat Multiple Myeloma. There are more studies being planned to target other types of cancers and immune system related diseases.



Research Paper:

A recent abstract published in Blood Journal which have shown some fantastic results when taking TBL-12 with Velcade. The details of the abstract are:



They currently have distribution setup in Australia and USA.

view their site for more information on the product:


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