Q: Chemo for Stage 4 or for Bladder as no cure is possible?

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teddyballgame09 teddyballgame09

Q: Chemo for Stage 4 or for Bladder as no cure is possible?

by teddyballgame09 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 06:04 PM

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My question:  If I do chemo for the FOLFIRI or Xeloda 6wks on 6wks off....2-3 rounds, it leaves me wide open for possible bladder progression and then a dreaded removal of the organ.  Infection risk tremendous as well.  If I deal with the bladder and a TURBT (3rd) w/ a follow BCG start-up...I have "bought time" there but the colorectal is growing.


Updating- Jan 2012 (see my profile for more background info)  Jun 2007 Stage 4 colorectal with metastases.....April 2011 bladder cancer of lining (in situ).

I have done NO chemo or radiation other than pre-surgical rectal regiment (6wks radiation - Continuous pump chemo (5FU-Leukavorin) ... Bladder mitomycin wash last year...no help.

My stage IV colorectal metastases to the lung and lymph nodes around the clavicle and trachea are active again.  Here's the curve ball....Diagnosed with a 2ND CANCER in April 2011 of the bladder.  Right now just in situ form (lining).  Have had 2 TURBT's and a mitomycin wash (not helped).  I must now choose to do chemo up top for the colorectal m's or take care of aggressive bladder lining cancer so it doesn't make it through the wall.  How much can one person endure?


Sorry if long winded......   Ty -Ted

RE: Q: Chemo for Stage 4 or for Bladder as no cure is possible?

by infinitehope on Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:54 AM

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The battle is fought and won in the mind. Do not give up !!!!


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