post whipple pain

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post whipple pain

by singinglady on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:32 AM

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have seen the top gastroenterologists and cancer surgeons & oncologists in nyc & the guesses as to the souce of my post whipple pain range from gas to nerve damage to scar tissue to emanating from the tumors left behind in my superior mesenteric artery

the pain has been unbearable and i have resisted pain meds because i am one who builds a very rapid tolerance to any kind of med and once the tolerance has set in i am not only addicted to that particular substance and then have to slowly withdraw myself from it -- but now it has stopped working, which is one of the hallmarks of tolerance

i have tried dozens of natural, homeopathic & dietary remedies; they work for a week and then, voila!!! like magic, they stop working

i dont mind dying (altho my neuroendocrine tumors grow slowly and i may have a few years yet) but to be in agony on a daily basis all know 

anyone out there experienced this?

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