THC as a solution

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RE: THC as a solution

by Shemay on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:05 AM

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Hi Richard

I'm glad you began this discussion.  There are many natural substances that show great efficacy in the treatment of cancer yet the general public is not made aware of them.  In fact every effort is made to hide the facts. Many doctors here in Canada poo poo any scientific evidence that is given them since it was never covered in the curriculum in the medical schools they attended.   Need we be surprised considering who funds many of these schools?  Following are some informative links which I thought worth passing forward.

You can find a copy of the following scientific report on PubMed as well and if you do a Google search on PubMed and medical marijuana/ cancer you will find 119 reports.



RE: THC as a solution

by Chaseforacure on Mon Jan 30, 2012 08:36 AM

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Thanks for this information Shemay,

It is dissapointing that peoples lives are made to suffer, or are shortened due to beuracacy and fears founded on mis-information. I really think it is time to take away the power drug compaines and the groups that prop them,  have on the speed of cures, and put this into the hands of the general public. I believe people should be allowed to decide for themselves if they wish, and not be restricted when it comes to their own lives.

I think this will be a great social experiement, offering a potential cure that has been well documented, collecting the results and publishing this to continuily better inform the public, all outside the vicious circle of the drug development status quo. 

Even if this is at personal risk (I dont know how "legal" shipping the THC oil is), but am prepared for this as one day I may need a cure myself.


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