tonsil biopsy

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tonsil biopsy

by mikespike on Sat Feb 11, 2012 03:33 AM

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Newbie here and in Sept 2011, had problems with swallowing pain and ear pain (all right side) very bad pain... What is messed up is,... after seeing a family doctor numorous times, A dentist 2x who gave me a cervicle xray, ENT gave me a Cat scan and an esophageal Xray - Barium Swallow test, Nota one saw any problems and after some antibiotics and pain killers (motrin) the pain went from 10 down to about a 2. But then it came back 2 weeks ago so fed up with the pita pain I looked myself and I found a lump on my tonsil (I don't know why I didn't look before) So the ENT removed part of it and had it tested. I found out on wedsnday it needs to be removed quickly.

the pathology report says: Invasive poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma with extensive necrosis. Immun stains shows that tumor cells are Positive for CK5/6 and p63; Negative for CK7 and CK20.

I have been glancing at all the posts here and found some scary stuff and some very inspirational posts.

My current ENT can not do the surgery so I have another one lined up for my first consultation on Wednsday. I am not sure what to expect...except that the "thing" needs to be removed.

What the .... am I in for? I have been having weird problems for 3+ years and I am sort glad this was found.

Thanks for any insight.


RE: tonsil biopsy

by mikespike on Sat May 05, 2012 04:27 PM

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So my new part-time job allowed me to obtain insurance and was able to have a TORS surgery for my toncile and some lympth nodes removed out of my neck as well. I am now about 90% recovered from the surgery and was only out of work for a month (back now). They removed the tumor in my throat and 99.99% of all bad cells out of my neck. Next month I get my followup PET scan ... hopefully it's negative. but with the news about Adam Yauch I am getting alittle worried, i will just have to wait and see.

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