Rising PSA After Negative Prostate Biopsy Part I: Crunching the Numbers

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Rising PSA After Negative Prostate Biopsy Part I: Crunching the Numbers

by prostatemd on Fri Mar 09, 2012 05:26 AM

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One of the most pleasant phone calls I can make is to tell one of my patients that their prostate biopsy was negative…no cancer. I can often hear the sigh of relief on the other end of the line after several days of anticipation end in the best possible news.  Unfortunately, at a later point in time, some of these men demonstrate a rise in their PSA. This leads to a much less festive phone call. Instead of a sigh of relief, I often hear anxiety and fear. I also invariably hear the same question: “ Doc, what do we do now?” This is actually a very important question with a complicated answer. For some men, it means a repeat biopsy. For others, in contrast, it means just repeating the PSA again in a few more months. So how do you determine how to deal with a rising PSA after a negative prostate biopsy? There are many tools that help urologists to figure out who needs a repeat biopsy in this setting. In this post, I will cover how a more detailed look at the PSA can help determine whether a PSA rise after a negative biopsy is a sign of missed cancer or simply of benign growth of the prostate.

As always, I hope you find it useful!


Prostate Doc


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