need advice; neck masses

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RE: need advice; neck masses

by ratwoman6 on Sun Apr 01, 2012 03:43 AM

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My husband has tonsil cancer and it presented with an enlarged lymph node.  Our GP told us that if it 'Hurts" and can be moved around that is good.  But if it does not hurt and is soild then it is more suspsious.  And our luck, it didn't hurt.

Have they done a PET scan on your?

Hang in there, and I will be praying for you!!!

RE: need advice; neck masses

by Johnr_1 on Sun Apr 01, 2012 04:57 AM

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On Mar 25, 2012 4:36 AM alajaney wrote:

As I posted before I have two neck masses that were found on ultrasound in december  8mm solid mass with color flow under right ear; 10x4x14 nodular density with color flow right lateral neck.  I went to general surgeon that gp and endo sent me to for biopsy; he referred me to an ent who made fun of the situation but did order a ct ( which was misread but it did show lymph node growth on left side with a cyst vs polyp in sinus) but to make a long story short; I was referred to another ent due to fact three doctors including general surgeon say I need a biopsy.  I have seen the 2nd ent who in turn put me on three weeks antibiotics.  these masses have been there now for over a year.  they have grown and now you see them with neck movement.  My neck hurts unbearable at times.   My gp, endo and the general surgeon say I have to have a biopsy but getting it done seems to be an issue that I don't think is happening any time soon.  I see the endo on monday; my gp on tues and 2nd ent again on wednesday to see if antibiotics worked; which they didn't.  My gp and the endo said when they called to see outcome of 2nd ent that antibiotics weren't needed due to fact gp had given them to me back in July.  I knew the masses were there when I went to the gp in July ( I only went due to extreme fatigue).  I can not do daily activities that once were so easy.  I have a history of cardiomyopathy and had thought that might be my problem when I started having the fatigue.  It wasn't the cause.  I need advise on what to do when I go back to the ent on wednesday and he still doens't do a biopsy.  The general surgeon and my gp and the endo have all stated they thought I was looking at cancer.  I took the disc of my ct films to the new ent and he stated it was read wrong and he was glad I brought the disc.  He said I have multiple lymph activity on both side and the masses were or looked to be lymph nodes.  But as I stated he placed me on antibiotics.  I am just in a quandry due to fact the masses have been there for so long but they have started to hurt really really bad.   When they first came up and over the entire time of my knowing they were there have never hurt til now.   I want to feel better.  I can't do anything anymore due to tiredness.   I go to shop for groceries and can not complete the store and have to be brought home.  Has anyone ever had a hard time with doctors?  Should I just let the masses be.  My doctors have looked for causes other than cancer for the cause of them being there.  My life hasn't been an easy one; my mother died of cancer at the age of 35; my father died at the age of 36 of wilson's disease.  I had mono when I was in my early thirties; the general surgeon told me that was important for me to tell doctors.  I hope that this has made some sense as I know I can jump around.  The new ent is supposed to be one of the best and he did say it could possibly be cancer but he did things his way not because another doctor tells him what to do.  I only went to him because the gp and the endo called me at home and pushed me to go after I cancelled first appointment due to being scared of going through another episode like I did with the first ent.  My son was with me and witnessed that.  I'm very disillusioned with the medical field these days.  Please any tips or advise will be greatly appreciated.  

I think this is a wonderful sight.  It is wonderful to know that people can reach out to others in this day.  God places angels in our lives at times we don't even see it.

God Bless and sorry for the long message.



I suggest that you slow down a bit and state some facts for us all so we can better help you. First of all 8 mm = .3 inches which is very small like the size of a pea. The other seems to be 10x4x14 if its mm thats still pea size, but if its cm thats 3.9x1.6x5.5 inches and thats very sizable and could be causing some serious problems. Please clarify this for us.

IN any event you must get a bit more pushy. The doctors just give their opinions and you tak or leave their advice. You need to drive your treatment more carefully.

You need to get amnswers as to the size and make them order a random biopsy immediately of both masses and you should have the answer in three to four days max. You own the reports so go get them and have someone read them. You just need a CT Scan of the neck so the Doctor doing the Biopsy can use it to locate the masses during th ebiopsy procedure. Its painless, i have had it twice.

Then once you know exactly what it is you can go to an oncologist if its Cancer, but don't guess. Your all frightened just like i was and i cried and worried enough for all of mankind and i don't want you to do that. You need to get the facts, no more antibiotics.

So go get your Primary Care Physitian to order a Biopsy immediately.No more switching doctors, no more guessing, and no more worrying.

Also if you are having Angio (heart) problems that might be making you tired and because your getting the run around you are probably very nervous. I would make sure you have some medication like Xanax (ask you doctor) for nerves and are getting and really good night's sleep.

Our Cancer Compass Community has lots of really smart and loving/caring folks.

Please write us with the answers.

Here are all my personal notes:


RE: need advice; neck masses

by Roselvr on Sun Apr 01, 2012 03:41 PM

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Janey; not sure how close you are to University of Alabama Hospital?  Emory is another good choice. Call either one to make an appointment in the ENT department. Get copies of all your tests. They should get you in asap. Don't waste time locally. A lot of places have not seen the head & neck cancer if that's what it is. One of the other 2 should be able to quickly diagnose you & it will be worth the trip. Please call tomorrow.

My computer is giving me issues- click the link below & copy your post to that section; it's head & neck.

RE: need advice; neck masses

by mymischelle on Mon Apr 02, 2012 08:23 AM

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No matter what persistence pays. My ovarian cancer went undiagnosed for several months because of misread ct's, doctors inexperience and a lack of follow up. I was only able to get diagnosed after going through four doctors. This is not to say your diagnosis will be cancerous. 

Persistence, persistence, persistence. Do not walk away without finding out what's wrong. One person suggested Emory in your area, I highly recommend them. I get all of my treatment at Emory here in Atlanta. Emory University is in Atlanta and the medical group is known for their doctors training, experience and treatment. 

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