Basal Cell Nose

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Basal Cell Nose

by macyblue on Sun Apr 15, 2012 06:58 PM

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2 years ago I had basal cell removed from the end of my nose. The Dr. was not very specific about anything except as he showed me several times how large a piece of my nose he had to cut out. Meaning I should be happy with the way it looked. He was insulted when I asked how long I had to wait before seeing a plastic surgeon, he said what do you think you just had done.

It was the most painful experience I have had in my life.  I have had surgeries before and several broken bones, I am not a wimp. During the injections several times I could not control the screams coming from my mouth. The pain was unbearable. I have heard people say that the tip of your nose has a lot of nerve endings. Ten days later after having my stitches removed, when  looking in the magnifing mirror at my nose I noticed a few more stitches that were still there I 

felt panic.  Maybe the skin is growing over the stitches and they had to be cut out.I called the Dr. office and told them. They ofcourse said you will have to come back in . I wanted to know if I was going to have another injection in my nose because if that was the case I needed some type of sedative or something for the pain, before I could even bring myself to the office. They said no we don't prescribe anything for pain or nerves. Oh and by the way the Dr. can not fit you in today or tomorrow and he is then going out of town and will not be back until Wednesday next week. I asked if I could see another Dr. they said hold on let me check with the Dr.When the nurse came back on the line she said no the Dr. wants you to see him because he performed your surgery. I hung up the phone and had the first panic attack of my life.

So here I am 2 years later with basal cell on my nose again this time closer to my eye. I kept telling myself that it was bleeding from my glasses but the biopsiy came back basal cell. 

I began by calling MOHS surgeons and asking if I could be put under general anthesia or if pain medicaton could be prescribed. NO and no were the answers. I had one nurse tell me she had MOHS performed and it doesn't hurt. Well I had it performed too doesn't that matter. My blood pressure is elevated and I have had a migraine for a week, use to get them but haven't in years. Just talking about it or writing this brings it on. 

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything like this. Why if needed can 't general anethsia be used or pain medication. I just don't understand.

RE: Basal Cell Nose

by MollyMcGuire on Thu Apr 19, 2012 08:53 PM

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I just had my Moh's nose surgery done yesterday for Basal cell. The dr. gave me many Lidocaine numbing injections, but they were not very painful. It was on the side of my nose about where my glasses' pad rests. The surgery was not painful but a bit uncomfortable from the smell of the cauterization. The dr. had to do 3 separate passes to get all the cancer out and the area removed is about the size of a nickel & quite deep. The pain today is not bad at all, but last night I did take a pain pill just to help me sleep.

A short time ago I had the huge pressure dressing removed & the wound cleaned & re-bandaged by a nurse friend, and she told me not to look at the wound as it is very ugly & deep. That's not good, as I was hoping not to have to a skin-graft done, but I might change my mind. My face is swollen, but no black eyes or bruising.

I know several people who have had the same thing done. They never mentioned this as a painful procedure, so I think you had a very bad experience.... in many ways! If I were you, I would never go back to your first dr. What you went through is terrible & not acceptable and a good physician would never want to put you through such pain & anxiety. You need to find someone who will prescribe something for your anxiety. Perhaps your regular dr. could recommend & prescribe a new & gentle Moh's surgeon & medication for you.

I wish you could go to my Moh's dr., he was the greatest.

Good luck.

RE: Basal Cell Nose

by MollyMcGuire on Fri May 04, 2012 08:21 PM

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Any reply from you?

RE: Basal Cell Nose

by alisoncita on Sun May 20, 2012 08:08 PM

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I can totally sympathise with you, as I have had basal cell surgery 4 times located right at the end of my nose, and numerous biopsies and it has been the most painful experience of my life. The last biopsy was last week, and I just got myself into a terrible state as I know how tense it makes me. The injection was given right in the potential tumour at the end of the nose and I too screamed in pain and started weeping terribly. The tension and anguish was too much... I too would prefer to be put under general anaesthetic as it makes the situation much more bearable. but I guess they would never be willing to do that. I am so sorry you have had such a terrible time..



RE: Basal Cell Nose

by alicebeatrice on Tue Dec 11, 2012 01:58 AM

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Hi all

had a basal cell taken off top of nose and tip I can tell you that its the worst pain I have ever felt when the needle for the biopsy went into the tip off my nose to numb it .I have been through many operations and never felt the pain that shot to my brain.I wanted to scream but the shock just froze me.

The op wasnt as bad (pain i mean) but it was a shock to be awake and have someone cut away at your nose and you dont know how much nose you will have left .I went back 3 times.No compassion from the doctor.I am a woman and to have have that done without anyone giving you any compassion was hard.I had the same said to me when I asked about plastic surgery well he was no plastic surgeon as I have a big dip on top of my nose.I should be grateful as I hope the cancer is gone just a hard way to have it done especially when i live in the country and so far away from where it was done and the skin graft came off and was hanging and I tried to get in touch but they all pass the buck

doctor was in surgery referring doctor was too busy

anyway my only option was to cut the skin off.Now I have another scar.Moh is fine I surpose they cant work miracles.

but after op care was not given



RE: Basal Cell Nose

by MOhsDoc on Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:16 PM

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different parts of the nose hurt to different degrees when numbing it up, also red heads will feel it more than others, its just the way it is. 

injections directly into the tip of the nose can hurt but they dont have to, there are ways of numbing further back on the lose skin of the nose, then wait while it travels forward. 

They can give you a valium to help relax you (but you need a driver), the way Mohs works you cant be knocked out with general anesthetic. The beauty of doing mohs is that is it safe, a decent doctor should be able to be reassuring during the procedure and help to dispel anxiety not increase it. Sorry you had a bad experience. 

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