Trying not to worry, but it is hard

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Trying not to worry, but it is hard

by MrsCK on Tue Apr 24, 2012 09:01 AM

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A friend and I had a discussion on annual bresat ultrasounds and the need to go for it under the age of 40. I'm 32 and never had it done before so I went for an "Infrared thermal breast scan" yesterday.

The doctor explained that it is used for early detection and that it can pick up problems before a mammogram and/or ultrasound can pick it up, however it is not diagnostic and further tests are necessary.

That said, I had the scans/photo's taken and afterwards the doctor showed me that my left breast was fine (it should be green/blue) but my left breast is very red - a large area - above the nipple, towards my side and up to the arm pit. The red area doesn't look "broken" or "cirular", it is a solid red patch (for those who've had these type of scans done before) and strangely enough my breast was also very tender in that area. The doctor wasn't very happy about it and said that it might not be something, but it might be something that needs further investigating.

The photo's are now with another doctor to look at and I'm awaiting the report and recommendation.

I'm not trying to jump the gun and trying to be positive, but it is hard to not be scared.

Did anyone here had a thermal image scan and had it pick up cancer?

RE: Trying not to worry, but it is hard

by Ladylacy on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:20 AM

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I have never had that type of breast study done.  Always the mammograms and last year I had to have an ultrasound because they saw something.  Then they told me not to worry it wasn't anything.  Well to make a long story short, I decided to get another opinion and went to a breast doctor that my sister was seeing (she had breast cancer 9 years ago).  This doctor examined me and did an ultrasound and said that there was nothing to worry about.  Felt a lot better and just had my yearly and everything was okay.  

Get a second opinion and maybe an ultrasound.  

RE: Trying not to worry, but it is hard

by MrsCK on Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:01 AM

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 Thanks for your reply. I'm due for my annual gynea visit anyways and will take the results and photo's and ask for a breast ultrasound to make sure.

RE: Trying not to worry, but it is hard

by MrsCK on Tue Apr 24, 2012 04:56 PM

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OK I got the results.

It reads:
"There are loop-like vascular patterns noted in the superior portions of both breasts which may be
slightly suspicious and should be monitored closely, for those may indicate neovascularities.
The tail of the right breast seems more pronounced hyperthermic which correlates with the
reported pain extending into the right axilla.

Due to the asymmetries and loop-like vascular patterns though, clinical correlation and
close follow-up is advised."

I must admit - I feel a bit nauseous after reading this. What does it mean?

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