diep success story

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diep success story

by betsy7122 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 02:59 AM

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I had read many posts here and other places about difficulties attendent on dieps.

I had heard of much pain, long recovery periods, having to sleep in a recliner for months, etc.

My experience was that the diep went smoothly and that my recovery was quick.

First of all, I had great surgeons from the Faulkner Hospital nr. Boston, MA. They did the procedure at Brigham and Women's, an affiliate that had the proper cutting age equipment.

The pain immediately after surgery was well controlled. I was out of pain by the time I left the hospital (4 nights)

I was driving before two weeks were up. My surgeon said I could drive as soon as I was off pain meds, and I was off them very quickly.

No numbness or problems with arms.

Slept on back very comfortably from night one.

LOVE, my new breast!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to have reduction on the other breast so that things match up.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone having breast reconstruction.

My surgeon was Dr. Matthew Carty, Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, MA (affiliated with Brigham and Womens, Boston.

Some of my friends thought I should go with implants, as the procedure does not require hours and hour on the operating table, but I am SO glad I did not listen to them.

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