anybody have APL leukemia?

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anybody have APL leukemia?

by kimberly1031 on Thu Aug 30, 2012 04:07 PM

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Hi, Im a 24 year old female that went into the ER on June 27 for sever bleeding, was admitted and diagnosed with APL leukemia on the 29. went through the first rouond of chemo, my blood levels came back up quickly and I started getting better they sent me home after 36 days in the hospital. ive been home for 3 weeks im 4 days away from going back to the hospital for my second round of chemo, and my cardiologist tells me that my heart is not healthy enouh for me to go through chemo again. anyone else have heart problems after chemo? im worried, all my blood has come back clean they are saying im already in remission, just waiting to find out if my bone marrow is clean. but the Dr says i still need this round of chemo even if im in remission. anyone have advice?

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