picato treatment

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picato treatment

by kimishere on Sat Sep 15, 2012 04:19 PM

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Tonight will be my 3rd night of picato application.  My doctor told me to apply it to the bridge of my nose and the area above my top lip (below my nose) I would advise not to over use the gel and only use in the designated areas.  I must have used too much and had severe redness, burning and swelling the next morning.  I also applied it too close to my eye area.  The burning and swelling was not pleasant!!  I had to really think about going forward with the gel.  My husband convinced me to keep going but just use less.  Today it is not nearly as bad.  Just have some redness and bumps.  I will use it again tonight sparingly.  I have red hair, fair skin and blue eyes.  This might be why I had such a severe reaction.  BUT, I would do exactly what doc says and remember a little goes a long way......

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