lung nodules

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lung nodules

by dannie38 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 04:49 AM

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I was originally diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2003, supposed to be one quick surgery maybe one RAI ablation and all should be fine. not so 5 ablations 6 months off and on in Vanderbilt another surgery and the maximum amount of RAI that any human is supposed to ever have.  I now have none lung nodes..One located on a main artery close to my aaorta.The cardiologist says he can get the one for biopsy but I am deconditioned from everything leading up to this,  Pulmonist, GP, Medical oncologist want me to have it dome but 3 days in hosp, then two weeks constant care in a recovery center,  I am so confused, I really do not have anyone to support me or to just talk to about this and I do not know what to do,  i cant become more DEConditioned, as i take care of myself now and cant lose what ability I have now..I'm really tired of the fight too, Someone please help me make the right decision,


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