Acute Lukemia Father

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Acute Lukemia Father

by dsmarch777 on Mon Oct 15, 2012 06:25 AM

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My father has been batteling lukemia for a year. 6 months ago hw had a bone marrow transplant which we found out a few days ago which did not take. And is in acute lukemia now he will be going in for 30 days of chemo ina few days. Which I know is going to be rough. I want to give him any tools possible to help him through . He likes music so I was thinking of a i pod to listen to for distraction. I would love some ideas that have helped anyone through these difficult times. Also is music that you like that has memories a good or bad idea. Will it make him sad to think about those days? Or should it be something new a relaxing? Thank you for your help and be strong my prayers are with you !!

Thank you


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