Non Small Cell Carcinoma with mets to brain

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Non Small Cell Carcinoma with mets to brain

by TxRacinGirl on Wed Oct 24, 2012 03:42 PM

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My dad is 66 and was diagnosed 1 year and 2 months ago with non small cell carcinoma and mets to brain. He did chemo once a month for about 6 months and whole head radiation. He did great and has outlived his prognosis of 6 to 8 months with treatment. He is now he is in a nursing home due to the fact he can not walk cause of the pressure of brain lesions. He eats non stop 24/7 he  is very confused and just rambles on about STUFF. The last week he has stopped talking alot and just kinda sits and stares. I am just wondering if doctors should still be checking his blood do they need to be doing anything else for him as in cat scans MRI or do i just leave him there in this nursing home to die obviously very slowly. He is on Haldol and bp meds . He doesn't seem to be in any pain but i mean is that it there is nothing else to do??????

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