Two Cures for Cancer

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RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Fri Nov 09, 2012 01:41 PM

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Glutathione to ‘re-pair’ anti-oxidants

The more toxins enter the body, the more acidic the blood becomes. Stress, lack of sleep and EMR also cause biological reactions that increase acidity. Our red blood cells take the toxins and chemicals out of the blood stream and make use of an anti-oxidant to neutralise the toxin. They do this via an electron exchange with the anti-oxidants that are present in the blood plasma. Through this electron exchange the anti-oxidant becomes ‘un-paired‘ and continues as a free radical itself. Candida will penetrate this un-paired anti-oxidant molecule and when this molecule passes through the liver, copper is used to kill off the candida microbes that are inside. Thereafter, Glutathione ‘pairs‘ the free radical after which it is disposed off through the digestive tract. When copper levels are depleted, the liver will not be able to free the anti-oxidant of the microbe. The anti-oxidant will pass through the liver untouched and back in the bloodstream it can damage healthy blood cells by way of electron robbery. Glutathione does not need to be repaired and can endlessly donate electrons to unpaired anti-oxidants. Glutathione is required to break down all anti- oxidants (Vitamin-A, B, C, D, E) that have donated electrons to red blood cells to neutralise toxins. A steady increase of the amount of toxins in your body increases the amount of anti-oxidant free radicals. This means that not only does your body require high levels of anti-oxidants (Vitamins), it requires more Glutathione as well. If you only focus on supplementing your vitamin intake your immune system will still come to a standstill if the Glutathione levels keep on depleting. Every cell in your body contains Glutathione which is used to prevent candida from penetrating the cell. Higher levels of Glutathione are present in white blood cells for defense and to donate to other cells. There are also high levels present in the skin. The reason for this is that the skin can be easily damaged and bruised. Glutathione, making up cellular defense, takes care of immediate infections. But still, the liver is the primary ‘factory’ of glutathione in the body. The liver is essential when it comes to curing cancer. When the liver produces sufficient levels of glutathione, free radicals will be disposed off efficiently and the blood will become less acidic. Cellular Glutathione will prevent the candida from entering the cells. Also, Glutathione in the blood plasma will clear the blood of candida directly.

The toxin inside the red blood cell that was neutralised by the anti-oxidant will be removed from the cell in the liver. The clean blood cell continues on its normal path from there on. As said, when blood toxicity keeps on increasing the Glutathione levels in the liver will start to deplete. Eventually the liver will not be able anymore to filter all the toxins out of the blood. This will put stress on your vital organs like heart, brain, and kidneys as they remain in the blood stream too long. Your lymph will get congested as your blood cannot tolerate any more toxins coming in that the liver can not get rid of. Not only will there be an increasing number of red blood cells that are saturated, the increasing amount of toxins will not be taken out of the bloodstream anymore. This will have a further acidifying effect on the blood. Candida by its very nature has a low pH and indirectly thrives in an acidic environment.

Candida, by means of ‘probing’ damages the protein layer around red and white blood cells. When candida proliferates, the damage done becomes more severe. So severe that eventually the cell membrane is compromised and the candida is able to enter the cell. Glutathione will fight off the initial candida infection but with ever decreasing levels in as well the liver, the blood plasma and the cell itself it will not be able to do that for long. The candida will invade both white and red blood cells and feed of the enzymes and glucose in the cell. Thereafter it will than enter the cell nucleus and damage the DNA. The liver is able to repair this by means of Glutathione. But once again, when Glutathione levels are low, the damaged cell will pass through the liver untouched resulting in an increase of damaged blood cells. Also it creates the possibility for the candida to travel just about anywhere in your body without having to show a passport to customs.

When the DNA of a blood cell is damaged this cell becomes a free radical and will be looking for a way to repair itself. It does this by stealing electrons from other blood cells, therefore creating a never ending domino of electron robbery.

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RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Fri Nov 09, 2012 01:41 PM

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An increase of unpaired white and red blood cells compromises cell respiration and the transfer of nutrients. This will not only weaken other blood cells but also the tissue cells. When cells are weakened, so is the cell membrane, and once again with depleting levels of Glutathione for cellular defense the candida will be able to infect tissue cells. Most chronic illnesses originate from this very problem.

Copper is essential in the liver to kill off the candida microbes inside un-paired anti-oxidant free radicals. Although the 12mg of copper that is recommended in the healing protocol might seem like a lot in medical terms, it is required by the liver to reduce the high number of infected anti-oxidants. A normal healthy person should always try and take copper supplements (preferably up to 4mg per day) as we are bombarded with a multitude of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis.

Acidity disturbs the fine balance of many of your bodily systems. An acidic environment causes your bone marrow to produce white blood cells that are damaged. Candida Albicans feeds of the damaged white blood cells which will stimulate proliferation even more. It is important to increase your pH, in order to change this situation. Remember, candida exists normally in your blood plasma, also when your pH levels are fine. If your candida levels are consistently high, it can lead to the candida microbes infecting tissue cells and ultimately lead to uncontrolled cell growth. If your candida levels are too low it will leave you with a high number of damaged and deceased cells which normally the candida would have cleaned up. This imbalance again can lead to serious problems for the kidneys. In order to control the levels of candida in the blood, the liver would increase or decrease the amount of Glutathione in the blood plasma. People with sinus or digestive issues are constantly overworking their liver from toxic byproducts of imbalanced bacteria and candida.

Glutathione for Cellular Defense

The body’s main line of defense is Glutathione as it is by far the most important anti-oxidant that our body holds. Glutathione takes care of multiple tasks throughout the body. As discussed before, in the liver it is extremely important for repairing anti-oxidants.

With cancer there are always two imbalances. First there is the invasion of Candida Albicans into weakened tissue cells and secondly, as a result there is neoplasm or the uncontrollable cell growth due to the DNA of these weakened tissue cells having been damaged by the candida microbe. Therefore at the core of the tumor there will always be candida.

Due to physical or emotional blockages and because of reduced blood flow, some areas of non- differentiated tissue will receive less oxygen and nutrients. These areas are pools of non-flowing ‘life force’ or ‘Prana’ and are breeding grounds for Candida. Think of a river full of oxygen and nutrients. A side arm of the river might end up in a shallow pool of stagnating water with little oxygen and nutrients. This is where bacteria and parasites proliferate. The same happens in the body. When the candida starts growing out of control it will become opportunistic and invade weakened tissue cells that are depleted of energy, as a way to overtake the host.

The candida will first settle in the membrane of weakened tissue cells and feed of the protein layer. Only then will the immune system start responding as it does not respond to high levels of candida in the blood stream, it only responds to infected tissue cells. The white blood cells will come to the rescue and will inject glutathione into the infected tissue cells. And although the white blood cells might be successful initially, if toxicity remains high the proliferation of candida continues due to the ever increasing number of damaged blood and tissue cells. With the depletion of healthy white blood cells coming from the bone marrow and an increase of damaged white blood cells in the blood stream it becomes clear that defenses are taking a downturn. The damaged white blood cells that come from the bone marrow would still be able to assist with the defenses if they would not be attacked by the candida in the blood stream.

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RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Fri Nov 09, 2012 01:42 PM

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The now depleted levels of glutathione are left to deal with a serious defense breach which if not dealt with will eventually lead to chronic infection. When the white blood cells are not able anymore to kill off all the candida microbes that enter tissue cells, the candida will ultimately enter the cell nucleus and damage the DNA of these cells. This is where tumour growth starts as these cells have lost their correct genetic blueprint. The opportunistic candida will continue in the meantime to invade and damage more and more weakened tissue cells which will lead to more and more cells with damaged DNA. This will cause a neoplastic reaction on a grander scale. An uncontrolled growth of cells will be the result which will eventually lead to anaplasia. What this means is that the further away the cancer cells migrate from the original, the more their genetic blueprint will be distorted. This will increase their aggressiveness and capacity for multiplication. Depending on the organ and the type of tissue, the tumour will adapt to its environment. Muscle tissue can normally not be affected since it consists only of ‘noble’ cells. Glands however are somewhere between differentiated and non-differentiated tissue and can see a different growth pattern depending on the location but will usually start off as a ‘benign’ tumor, where cells divide very slowly.

A quick note on sugar: a cancer cell’s main source of energy is glucose. Intake of refined sugar and syrups will fuel cancer cells. All carbohydrates are technically sugar and there is of course the belief that all simple carbohydrates are bad. In reality, our digestive system is very complex and there is more to consider than just the number of molecules chained together in a food. Other things that one must look at are enzymes, where the food is processed in the body, and what changes take place to the food before the body utilizes it.

Due to the fact that the white blood cells use Glutathione to kill off the microbes inside tissue cells, you will find a higher concentration of Glutathione in primary cancer cells that were previously affected by candida. Effectively a cancer cell can be defined as a neoplastic cell, not a tissue cell that has been infected by candida. The neoplastic cells have no Glutathione as they do not have the ability to produce this. The candida microbes will remain in the tissue cells even after the nutrients have been depleted until there are white blood cells that can deal with them. It can be that the white blood cells were able to kill off the microbes but were not able to repair the damaged cell due to a lack of electrons. When the Glutathione levels are raised and there are sufficient numbers of healthy white blood cells, the white blood cells will effectively be able to repair cancer cells. The white blood cell repairs a cancer cell by donating electrons to it, but it has to wait for the Vitamin-E anti-oxidant to dissolve the thick protein layer that sits around the membrane of the cancer cell. After this protein layer has been reduced to normal the white blood cell is able to inject the cell with Glutathione for cellular defense and electrons are donated to repair the damaged cellular DNA. The low oxygen levels that characterizes cancer cells is quickly brought back to normal but the high glucose levels remain until the death of the cell. After cell death the candida performs its normal role by helping to break down the cell. It than feeds of the enzymes and the glucose of deceased and damaged cells. The empty shell, with an intact cell membrane and glutathione for cellular defense now finds its way to the liver to be disposed off as waste. The cell membrane is to stay intact and the glutathione levels are needed to remain at an optimum level until the cell is disposed off. This is to prevent candida from entering the empty cell as this would enable the microbe to travel inside the cell and go to places that it normally would not be allowed to access.

The irony is that the candida, which is ultimately responsible for the creation and proliferation of the cancer cells is eventually also responsible for cleaning them up. Candida therefore not only causes uncontrolled cell growth, it also indirectly feeds of cancer cells. Once the Glutathione levels are up again the liver is able to repair anti-oxidants. Also, the bodies immune system by means of white blood cells and through cellular defense is able to stop the candida in its tracks before it infects other blood or tissue cells.

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RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Fri Nov 09, 2012 01:42 PM

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Taking the lifespan of a cell, which is 25 days, than we can more or less create health in 4 to 5 weeks when the Glutathione levels are being increased. It will however take approximately a week to come to a ‘nil’ line, the moment when no new tissue cells are infected and no new cancer cells are being created. During this week the Glutathione levels will steadily increase and the number of newly infected tissue cells will decrease until no new tissue cells are infected. The raised Glutathione levels will than result in an increase of healthy white blood cells which will defeat the cancer cells. Taking into consideration that it can take up to 6 weeks for a newly divided cell to leave the body, complete remission can be achieved in 7 weeks.

Chronic dis-ease and the Emotional aspect

As with almost every dis-ease, one can never only look at the physical aspects only. There is something that always plays a role in any physical imbalance. And that is Emotion. When it comes to imbalance not only our physical but also our etheric bodies are involved. Your physical body is actually the last barrier that is breached. Your spiritual body, your emotional body, and your mental body defenses have all been breached before dis-ease appears in the physical body.

The tissue or organ where cancer appears is in one way or the other always linked to an emotion. Every organ in our body represents certain emotions. It locks them and holds them and can create blockages. You could say that smoking is causing physical damage to the body and that therefore the weakest area is not the one that is linked to any emotion. But smoking itself is linked to an underlying emotion. Although in this case the physical damage can create more blockages than the direct emotional block in another organ or tissue. Emotions that are linked with breast cancer for example are; mothering, nurturing and nourishment. And emotions linked to colon cancer can be; holding on to the past or fear of letting go.

Also don’t forget genetic pre-dispensation. My initial thought was that genetic physical pre- dispensation causes an organ or tissue to be weak. And although this line of thinking is not entirely incorrect, EMOTION predates physical genetic pre-dispensation. This means that it is the unresolved emotion, locked into our ancestral genes / DNA that cause the organ or tissue to be weak. Therefore, the Emotions of the parents can predate (and therefore induce) physical weaknesses in the child before it is even born. This is because obviously the child is a product of its parents and the parents themselves will have emotional blocks that are locked into their DNA, and these are partly passed on to their children. The moment the soul of the child enters the body (somewhere in between 2 and 3 weeks after inception) that soul’s own emotions start playing a role physically. This means that the soul’s emotions (and the combined emotions of the I AM presence) play a role in the developing physical body.

Once you have had cancer you are more likely to get recurrence, and quite often in the same place. Emotional issues aside, the tissue in that particular area will have been compromised, it also will be weaker due to scarring and new physical blockages might have appeared. Also the immune system of a person that has had cancer will be generally lower, not in the least because of the treatment (chemo and radiation therapy) that that person has received. It can take years to rebuild and strengthen the immune system. Fear of recurrence can also induce recurrence, as in a way you are visualizing this into being.

Candida is very adaptive and however many variations you can name, be it: Krusei, Parapsilosis or Tropicalis, you will never be able to name them all. There are billions of variations, as candida is forever changing. Whatever the variation is, it can transform itself into this or that stock. Recurrence is therefore often a different stock or variation of the same Candida.

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RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Fri Nov 09, 2012 01:43 PM

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A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can be a successful way of healing your body from cancer. Most alternative therapies are structured around diet and almost all of them have been a lot more successful in healing people from cancer than the applied methods of oncology. If all other factors that come into play are in balance (or if the negative factors have been removed) than it is possible to clear your body of cancer in 7 weeks by diet alone. You can cure the body of cancer in 5 weeks but it takes up to 7 weeks for the cancer tissue to dissolve and for the surrounding tissue heal. When I say it is possible to heal the body ‘by diet alone’ all other factors must have been dealt with already. Emotional blocks would have been removed, one would have stopped smoking, stress would not be present and there would be minimal contact with toxins and chemicals etc. In our present day society this almost seems impossible and in a way it is. On the short term we can do little about the air that we breathe. However, we can move into the mountains where the air is clean and fresh. Once all the factors are in balance, there is no reason for ‘new’ cancer cells to grow. Therefore it does not matter how wide spread the cancer is, when the pre-cursors to cancer have been taken away, your body will heal everywhere. It will take longer however to heal larger tumours, simply because the physical matter has to be dissolved. Don’t forget though that a healthy diet does not ‘undo’ emotional stress, but that emotional stress can ‘undo’ a healthy diet.

What checks could determine cancer:

Cancer is often linked to low Glutathione levels.
Cancer is often linked to a low number of both red and white blood cells. Cancer is often linked to a high level of Candida Antigen in the blood. Cancer is often linked to a low blood pH.
Cancer is often linked to high Toxicity.
Cancer is often linked to low Copper levels.
Cancer is often linked to high blood sugar levels.

A low glutathione level is always linked to a low body pH. A low body pH will predate a low glutathione level. It is time to take our body’s most wonderful healer out of the lime-light into the spot light. The amazing tri-peptide namedGlutathione(GSH).

The Healing Protocol for cancer

The most effective way of raising ones Glutathione level is using 6 essential elements. Most of these elements are pre-cursors that promote the production of Glutathione at cellular level. These elements are: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Copper, Quercetin, Selenium, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and Milk Thistle (tincture). These 6 elements will heal the body of 93% of common cancers. Given that the size of the tumor mass is not excessive, healing can be achieved within 7 weeks. Otherwise healing can take up till 9 weeks. Turnaround time to establish a point where no new cancer cells are developed is 7 days, the lifespan of a cell is 25 days, cell disposal can take up to 17 days, totaling 49 days. Tumour mass regression speeds up towards the end of the cell disposal time. For the complete and detailed 7 weeks healing protocol please refer to the separate overview. This protocol includes complimentary elements that can be of benefit if one chooses to include them. This healing protocol does not work in conjunction with chemo therapy.

As an ex-cancer patient and soon to be an ex-cancer patient again, I am deeply honoured and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to bring this information to you. For many years hundreds of millions of people have suffered from a dis-ease that has created much havoc, grief and despair all over the world. The information in this document will help change that. The only thing that comes to mind is ‘It is Time’. The world at large is changing and we are entering a new Era. An Era that does not need dis-ease as a reference for Awareness. As we heal ourselves we heal the world. In Love and Health I remain. I AM Sylvan Marcel Feenstra supported by Ly.

By Sylvan Marcel Feenstra - as per the information given to me by my Guardian Angel Ly (Pronounced Lee). Ly was an American Indian born in 1768 and part of the Sioux tribe as a medicine man.

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If anyone is interested in receiving the healing protocol just send me a message. Love, Sylvan

RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by wvleroyhayes on Sun Nov 18, 2012 09:06 PM

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There is an alternative section on this site for this crap you know?

RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by sylvanmarcel on Wed Nov 21, 2012 01:52 AM

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Maybe there is an alternative section for being unkind as well. I do not see the need to label other people's posts as 'crap'. If you do not resonate with someone's message, why respond in this manner?

RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by ChasTn on Wed Nov 21, 2012 09:35 PM

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He was kicked off Cancer Compass awhile back for being a horses behind.  

RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by SimmsFoundation on Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:38 PM

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Thank you so much. I will look into these options for my friends and family. I was diagnosed with base of tongue cancer in 1996 and treated with surgery and radiation. But I always support new options and cured to this horrible conditions.

Best Wishes

rjcrossley rjcrossley

RE: Two Cures for Cancer

by rjcrossley on Fri Jan 11, 2013 09:28 PM

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On Nov 21, 2012 1:52 AM sylvanmarcel wrote:

Maybe there is an alternative section for being unkind as well. I do not see the need to label other people's posts as 'crap'. If you do not resonate with someone's message, why respond in this manner?

Hi Sylvan sorry about him. I notice it seem  he was always attacking people.  I thought he was kick off before.   please don't worry about people like him. they have no vision and there not worth worrying about.  Any way We love you mate.  love your last post  please keep posting


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