Need Answers Please ???

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Need Answers Please ???

by SOTSTina on Sun Nov 11, 2012 08:14 PM

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 Hello everyone Im 36 with stage 4 breast cancer thats spread to my spine,ribs,hips,& brain.Ive been battling this horrible disease for almost 6 yrs now.My breast cancer is HER 2 NEU+,Ive done many surgeries,many chemotherapies,many radiation treatments etc.Ive been on this clinical study drug TDM-1 for 2 yrs its the only one thats worked for  a whole 2 solid years,no spread, nothing! All was great we thought.My WBC Platelts and NEUTROPHILS  started to drop,they take me off the study drug because in order to be on that study drug my WBC Neut,platelets etc needed to be higher.We all thought when I come off the study drug my WBC,plateltes,neutrop, and others would come back up but they did not.They did a blood smear and bone biopsy test were still  waiting on the results still for the bone marrow biopsy but the smears showed blasts 8% in the blood and I was told I have LEUKEMIA!!! We dont know what type until the bone marrow results come back in but they said it could be caused from my chemotherapy treatments or it could be a seperate cancer all together,Im a mother of 2 beautiful children and husband who i love more than anything and I need to know if ANYONE knows what im saying or if ANYONE knows what I should expect???ANYTHING PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON AND IM SO CONFUSED AND SCARED.Thank you and God Bless eveyone.

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