?? TIA or STROKE on top of "stable" brain tumor??

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?? TIA or STROKE on top of "stable" brain tumor??

by vwxyz on Tue Nov 13, 2012 04:12 PM

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How fair is this?  How can one control what is happening and continue on with life with the threat of deep bleeding or lack of oxygen to brain?  The only Neuroligist in our area should have been retired approximately 20 years ago and is the one that neglected to tell us about the gray  (at that time little) area in my sons cerebellum. and our country E.R.s do not see this and deal with it. We are now afraid to go on the vacation we planned in the near future. 

My son is afraid to leave his apartment, yet wants to drive his new car.  How can I give him a sense of independence for God knows how long a quality of life he has before things get nasty? What kind of foods to lower BAD cholesterol that is possibly ONE culprit that is causing the obstruction? I pray that God will please guide us to the Specialist Dr. in this field and touch him with His healing hand.   I am so scared. I can only imagine how my son is feeling.  He is shutting the family, his twin brother, out since we got the news.  Should I encourage him to make his Will now?  We thought we would have more quality time?  Is  this just the beginning?  If he is stable according to N.O. etc., I am going to max out what is left of my charge card for anything he wants and needs to enhance his life, even if it is just in his apartment.   We need prayers.  I do not want his brain to fall apart now that he is stable with his tumor treatment back in 2010 and feeling better off the anti-seizure meds.   Can type 2 diabeties do this?  He has this from some of the meds he has been on.   J.

RE: ?? TIA or STROKE on top of "stable" brain tumor??

by karynk on Wed Nov 14, 2012 03:26 AM

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There is a possibility that the tumor itself is either bleeding or throwing clots.  Tom's did that during surgery this last time, and could be currently doing it.  All of the Oligo's run risks of bleeds - it's the nature of the tumor itself.  Tom was fine for 2 years post stroke.  Hang in there!


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